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The insurance companies offering dental coverage vary from one state to another. Some are regional and others national. We’ve made shopping easier by categorizing plans by the state in which it’s offered so you can compare the features that mean the most to you: premiums, deductibles, waiting periods, out-of-pocket costs. As you browse these pages, you’ll notice that some states have more overall options in terms of plans and more diversity with respect to the categories of dental coverage (e.g. insurance, indemnity, discount).

Each of our pages below provide not only access to rates but helpful information on the dental market for the state you chose. In some cases, this includes studies on premium and cost trends for dental plans as well as differences in benefit coverage.

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Have questions about dentists as well as a dental plan? We can help. Visit our resource "Questions about Dentists." You’ll get answers to questions such as "Will I be able to keep my dentist" and "Can I go to a dentist in a different state or different country?" Additionally, if you need a dentist as well as a dental plan, this page will describe how you can use our online tool to find an in-network dentist accepting the coverage you select.


Remember that you should compare dental plans on more than monthly premiums. The benefits covered, out-of-pocket costs, and participating dentists are just as important. For a quick review of how to find the best available plan for your needs, see our article "Dental Insurance 101."