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Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America and its sister company Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of New York offer ancillary benefits for employer groups and individuals nationwide. Dental, vision, life and disability insurance comprise the core line of the company’s ancillary benefits solutions. With headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., Renaissance is focused on providing its members and partners with outstanding products and service.

The global credit rating firm, AM Best, has assigned a Financial Strength Rating of “A” (meaning “Excellent”), and Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings of “A,” to Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, IN and Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of New York, Binghamton, NY.

Renaissance provides ancillary benefits, including dental coverage, across the country. The Renaissance dental network combines leading national and regional PPO networks to offer maximum choice and value with over 300,000 dental access points nationwide.*

*Renaissance internal data, 2020

Renaissance Features

The benefits and advantages of Renaissance dental plans include:

Plan Options

Renaissance Dental has multiple plan options at different price points from which consumers may choose. These plans include Plan II, Plan III, and Max Choice Plus . All three of these have coverage for many of the same dental services but charge differing out-of-pocket costs. For example, each of the plans mentioned covers one X-Ray per benefit year. However, with respect to in-network out-of-pocket costs after the deductible is paid, Max Choice Plus enrollees pay 60 percent of the X-Ray cost (in the first year of coverage), Plan II enrollees pay 50 percent, and Plan II enrollees pay 20 percent.

Certain plans provide additional benefits for even more coverage. For example, the Max Choice Plus also includes an orthodontic services benefit. Another difference among Renaissance plans concerns the annual cap on benefit spending. Renaissance also provides flexible annual maximums with their plans so that enrollees can select the plan that works best for their budget. Plans II and III feature a $1,000 annual maximum.The Max Choice Plus PPO starts with a $1,000 annual maximum in the first year of coverage, which rises to $2,000 in the second consecutive year of coverage and $3,000 in the third consecutive year of coverage.

Our best-selling Renaissance plans

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Renaissance Plan III

In and Out of Network Benefits

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1000

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Renaissance MAX Choice

No Waiting periods

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1200

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Renaissance Max Choice Plus

Coverage for Major Services that escalates to 50% in the third year.

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1000 - $3000

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