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Kev Coleman

Healthcare Researcher & Technologist

Updated on February 9th, 2023

Kev Coleman has been a leading thinker in health coverage for many years, having been honored as one of the 20 most creative people in insurance. Mr. Coleman's work in healthcare began in Medicare and he provided the conceptual architecture for the first private nationwide exchange for Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug insurance plans. At the time, the senior-friendly information architecture and customer advocacy educational elements were trendsetting. The software, produced at the time by Experion Systems, was appreciatively noted within Thaler and Sunstein's work "Nudge: Improving decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness."

Mr. Coleman's later work includes dozens on studies on American insurance options, ranging from Medicare and the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid acceptance by physicians and association health plans. As such, Mr. Coleman's insights have been sought for a variety for business ventures as well as consulting on policy reform. As a technologist as well as an industry executive, Mr. Coleman's work synthesizes public data, technological platform considerations, and business trends. His work both as an author and public speaker in the healthcare domain synthesizes economic, demographic, legal, political, and technological considerations.

Mr. Coleman's research includes the dental insurance market where he has studied market size, product characteristics, and dental benefit availability within different insurance categories. Mr. Coleman has also analyzed the dental plan market in the context of start-up success potential.

Mr. Coleman's research and opinions have been cited in most top-tier news outlets in the U.S. including the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, USA Today, and NPR. Mr. Coleman has also been the subject of a long-form interview on C-SPAN.

Mr. Coleman is currently the President of Association Health Plans, Inc. and also the author of the book "Association Health Plans & The Future of American Health Insurance."

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