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Dental Plan Resources

Need information about dental plans?
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Dental Indemnity Plans

How are Indemnity dental plans different from traditional dental insurance? Get the answers you need before you choose your dental plan.

Dental PPO Plans

Our resources about preferred provider organization (PPO) dental plans include things you should consider and list some PPO plan pros and cons to keep in mind

Dental HMO Plans

Learn about HMO dental plans, also known as DHMO insurance. This Dental Plan resource article breaks down both the strengths and challenges of HMO dental plans.

Dental PPO vs Dental HMO

What’s the difference between PPO and HMO plans and does it matter? The wrong choice can cost you thousands in uncovered dental bills.

Dental Insurance 101 Guide

A basic knowledge of dental insurance can make the difference between saving money on the right plan or facing thousands in uncovered dental bills because you chose wrong.

Is Dental Coverage Worth the Cost?

Wondering if buying dental insurance is worth the price? We’ll guide you through the trade-offs.

Best Dental Insurance

If you’re shopping for a dental plan then you need to understand what the best features are and who has them.

Dentist Survey

A survey of over 2,000 adults across the United States asked what issues would make a patient leave their dentist.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plans

Dental benefits vary among plans. Learn what you should shop for full coverage insurance.

Senior Dental Insurance & Medicare

Learn what dental insurance options seniors have given that Original Medicare does not cover dental care.

Choosing between Cheap & Affordable Dental Insurance

Learn how to recognize cheap dental plans that may ultimately cost more than affordable dental plans.

Discount Programs and Cards

Discount dental programs are a little known but important part of the dental coverage landscape. Learn the trade-offs between these programs and traditional dental insurance.

Family Dental Insurance

Learn how to choose the right dental benefits and keep your dental insurance within your family’s budget.

Individual Dental Insurance

Learn about individual dental insurance & compare these plans at Enroll online in minutes.

Affordable Dental Insurance

Become a better shopper by learning the factors affecting how much a dental plan costs.

Braces & Dental Insurance

Wondering if dental insurance covers braces & other orthodontry? Learn the facts and what to look for when shopping for a dental plan.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to veneers and implants, has become increasingly popular. Many consumers are now asking, “Will my dental plan cover these services?”

What is a Waiting Period for Dental Insurance?

Ignorance of a Waiting Period Can Result in Uncovered Dental Procedures

Dental Insurance Cost

Understanding The Issues Affecting The Price of Dental Coverage