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MetLife Dental Insurance Plans

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A Quick Introduction to MetLife

MetLife is one of the largest providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Founded in 1868, the company is dedicated to providing working-class Americans with financial protection. Over the years, MetLife has helped generations of customers around the world protect their property, finances, family, and future. The largest commercial dental insurance carrier in the U.S., MetLife proudly offers both dental and vision benefits on Their range across the U.S. spans from New York to California, as far south as Florida and as far north as Alaska.

You deserve the best care to keep you and your family healthy, and costs should never prevent you from getting the care you need. Whether you need routine cleanings, braces, or a dental filling, having a solid dental plan helps makes it easier to protect your smile and your budget. MetLife's plans, service, and discounts make it easier for you to save and protect your family's health.

When you choose MetLife, you get an insurer who will help you save in ways you've never imagined. It's more than discounts. You'll see it in the way MetLife manages claims and the selection of providers in its networks. MetLife is your total solution for healthier smiles, brighter eyes, lower costs, and award-winning service.

Why Enroll in a MetLife Dental Plan?

The advantages of MetLife dental coverage include:

  • MetLife's large network and flexible coverage options help keep your out-of-pocket costs down
  • Finding the right dentist is easy with the MetLife dental network, which includes over 146,000 providers
  • Visit providers in or out of network with our flexible plans
  • Members benefit from our negotiated fees, which are typically 30-45% less than average

Some Quick Facts About MetLife

  • Recognized and trusted by approximately 100 million customers worldwide
  • Over 90 million customers in over 60 countries
  • More than 150 years of experience
  • Serves more than 90 of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500 for the U.S.

Our best-selling MetLife Dental plans

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Takealong Dental

Largest network of dentists

Flexibility to choose any licensed dentist
Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $2000

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Takealong Dental

Benefits increase after the first and second years

No referral needed for specialty care
Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1500

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Read why our Customers trust us to help them find the right MetLife plan

"The overall experience was great with the agent was great. She made the entire process easy."
El Paso, TX
"I called and got clarification on quotes and detailed features of the plans from the site. The rep went through all the features of various plans that could effect me. Then she made a recommendation. I reviewed it and it seemed logical. I bought the policy. Very happy. Great job. thanks,"
Pensacola, FL
"The fella that helped me over the phone was kind, courteous and helpful! He was knowledgeable and thoroughly, too."
Jacksonville Beach, FL

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What Is PPO Dental Insurance?

PPO dental insurance refers to a dental plan whose network of dentists classifies them as a Preferred Provider Organization. In this type of dentist network, an enrollee in the PPO plan will pay lower out-of-pocket dental insurance costs when using an in-network dentist. However, unlike a HMO dental plan, a PPO dental plan allows its enrollees to use out-of-network dentists. Out-of-network care, though, does come with higher out-of-pocket costs than is the case for in-network dental care. Indemnity plans also have considerable flexibility around dentist choice but the plan will reimburse dental care at a customary and reasonable rate determined by the insurance company, but this rate may not correspond to what a dentist actually charges a patient.

For a more in-depth discussion, see our resource on PPO dental insurance.