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If you are a resident of Washington State and are about to purchase dental insurance, this article will help you:

Washington State Dental Insurance Costs

A review of eight Washington dental plans from three of the largest insurance companies (MetLife, Guardian Direct, and Renaissance Dental) in the state found that the average premium quote for a 30 year-old living in Seattle was $37.93. The least expensive plan was MetLife's TakeAlong Dental Low PPO, which cost $20.69 a month. The highest, in contrast, was Guardian Direct's Advantage Achiever. This plan charged $53.86 a month in premiums.

Interestingly, the most expensive plan in the review did not have the highest maximum benefit (the maximum benefit is the dollar limit on what an insurance company will pay annually for your dental care). The plan with the highest annual limit was MetLife's Takealong Dental High PPO. This plan would cover up to $2,000 in insurance payments each year. The Guardian Direct Advantage Achiever covered $1,000 in payments in the first year, though this amount increased to $1,500 for members who stayed continuously enrolled three or more years. Across all eight plans, the average maximum benefit was $1,031.

Most of the plans paid for annual cleanings with no co-pay on the part of the plan enrollee. All of the plans reviewed paid for at least 50 percent of the cost of a filling for an in-network dentist. One plan, the Guardian Direct Advantage Starter, did not cover crowns. However, other plans by Guardian (Guardian Advantage Core PPO and Guardian Advantage Achiever PPO) included coverage for crowns.

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If you are interested in which of these plans are bestsellers in the state, see the section immediately below. To see all available plans in your area, visit our home page and compare dental plans.


Our Bestselling Dental Plans in Washington State

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Advantage Achiever

Rich benefits with maximums increase each year for the first 3 years.

Plan type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1000 1st Year
$1250 2nd Year
$1500 3rd Year

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3000 Plan

Large Network of Dentists

Plan type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $3000

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Premier Select 1500

No Waiting Periods for Preventive and Basic services

Plan type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $1500

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Oral health resources for Washington Residents

Washington State Dental Association (WSDA) (WSDA)

The Washington State Dental Association is the voice of dentistry for the Evergreen State. This professional association has over 4,000 members belonging to the dental care industry and promotes the highest standards for oral health care.

Government Oral Health Resources

This page maintained by the Washington State Department of Health provides education, surveys, and information pertaining to oral health issues for Washington residents.

Low-Cost Dental Providers

This resource lists free and low cost dental services available in Washington State, including no-charge dental clinics, sliding-scale dental clinics, and nonprofit dental clinics.

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