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Dr. Robert S. Huang, D.D.S.

Dr. Robert S. Huang, D.D.S.

Dentist with over ten years of experience

California-based dentist Dr. Robert S. Huang was awarded his doctorate (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from Loma Linda University in 2007. He practiced in the firm Cheng Dental initially and later founded his current practice Blue Pearl Dentistry in 2014. His practice offers a variety of standard dental services as well as:

Born into a family of both dentists and other healthcare professionals, Dr. Robert S. Huang, D.D.S. developed an interest in dental medicine since childhood. He is a board-certified dentist committed to advancing oral health as well as his own dental expertise by attending regular continuing education classes to learn new and emerging techniques. As a consequence, Dr. Huang can offer his patients care that is both high quality and continually innovating.

Over the years, Dr. Huang has participated in multiple missions providing oral health services/dental care to patients belonging to low-income and underprivileged communities. Dr. Huang has also volunteered at schools and tutoring centers where he provides oral hygiene instruction.

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