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Dental Insurance – Texas

Get Free Quotes on Texas Dental Insurance is a great resource for patients looking to compare Texas dental insurance plans. We provide free quotes and information on the leading dental insurance providers and the plans they offer in your area and allow you to compare each of those plans side by side. You can begin by typing your zip code into the box above. Before you decide though, make sure you understand some basic information about dental insurance in Texas so you can pick the plan that’s right for you.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in Texas

There are five different types of dental insurance plans available in Texas, and each one offers a different set of services with a different type of payment plan. In order to choose the best plan for you or your family, it’s important to understand these differences and determine which type best suits your family’s needs. The types of dental insurance available in Texas include:

Discount Dental Plans:

Discount dental plans provide discounts on dental services in exchange for a monthly or annual payment. Patients receive a “discount card” that allows them to access unlimited services at a discount rate, usually determined by a discount fee schedule. The savings patients receive on dental services typically outweigh the annual payments, but most plans require that patients pay the entire discounted cost up front at the time of the visit. Check the discount fee schedule for each provider, as well as their terms for payment. The discount dental plans available in Texas include Aetna, HumanaOne, Careington, and Patriot Health.

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations)

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) are a type of “managed care” insurance plan, as opposed to a “fee-for-service plan.” Under a DHMO, patients pay an annual or monthly fee to become part of the organization, and in turn receive dental services for no cost or an extremely reduced price. Under a DHMO, dentists are paid a flat monthly rate, so they are designed to incentivize dentists to offer quality care and keep their patients in good health since this will minimize the number of free procedures. DHMOs are typically lower in cost than most dental plans, but may charge a higher price for services not included in the original plan. Be sure to check which procedures are included in the plan, as well as the number of doctors available to the patient pool. Safeguard is the only DHMO that provides services in Texas.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) provide dental insurance plans that involve a group of dentists who agree to offer discount rates in exchange for greater access to patients and a streamlined reimbursement system. Under a PPO, patients are given a list of approved dentists and are assured a maximum cost of their treatment. PPOs may limit the types of services that are included in this maximum cost, so it’s important to check to see which services the provider includes in its approved list of procedures. Patients should also be aware of policies regarding emergency dental care. PPO providers in Texas include Compbenefits, Delta Dental, and HumanaOne.

Fee Schedule Plans

Fee Schedule Plans are similar to PPOs in that they provide discounted care from an approved list of dentists, but payment process is different. A “Fee Schedule” is essentially a price list for dental procedures under the plan. Patients are reimbursed for their dental care based on the provider’s list, and are responsible for any cost beyond the reimbursement amount listed in the fee schedule. Fee schedules are often based on a ceiling known as a UCR fee, which stands for “usual,” “customary” or “reasonable” fee. What is “usual” and “reasonable” is determined by a dentist, and “customary” is determined by the plan provider. If you’re looking into Fee Schedule plans, be sure to check how frequently the fee level is updated, and how these updates are communicated to patients. Fee Schedule plans available in Texas include Security Life.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity Plans are sometimes called “traditional” dental insurance plans. Indemnity plan providers pay a percentage of the charges for a given dental procedure, and the percentage is determined by a UCR ceiling similar to a “Fee Schedule Plan.” Because these insurance providers make payments after receiving and reviewing a bill, patients usually make higher out-of-pocket payments than those under DHMOs, but have a much greater selection of dentists to choose from. If you’re looking into an indemnity dental insurance plan, make sure to be aware of how often the fee schedule changes and the percentage of the customary fee the plan provider is committed to paying. Indemnity plan providers in Texas include American National, Delta Dental and Nationwide.