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If you’re shopping for North Carolina dental insurance, make sure you look into all of your available options. allows you to compare quotes from several different providers side by side, free of charge. Get your free quotes by entering your zip code above, but make sure you understand the difference between the various types of dental insurance plans available in your area.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in North Carolina

There are five different types of dental insurance plans available in North Carolina. Some providers offer multiple types of plans while others specialize in one. Each plan type has a different set of procedures they cover and a different type of payment plan. Ask yourself what services are absolutely essential to you, and learn about the differences between each plan to find out which type of coverage you’re most comfortable with. The types of dental insurance plans available in North Carolina are:

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) usually have the largest network of dentists for subscribers to choose form. Dentists agree to provide dental care at a reduced rate in exchange for a larger client pool and a streamlined reimbursement process. PPO subscribers can then expect a maximum cost for their dental services. There are usually higher co-pays required for service outside of the preferred network, so check with the provider to find out their policies for out-of-network and emergency care. The North Carolina dental PPO providers include HumanaOne and Nationwide.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans offer the most freedom in terms of dentists to choose from. Indemnity plan providers agree to reimburse a specific amount for approved procedures, which is based on a UCR index. UCR stands for “Usual, Customary, and Reasonable,” and refers to the cost of dental services agreed upon by the provider and participating dentists. Check the provider’s “fee schedule,” which lists the amount they are willing to cover for each procedure, and also check to see how often the fee schedule is updated. The indemnity plan providers available in North Carolina include Security Life, American National, and Nationwide.

Fee Schedule Plans

Fee Schedule Plans are similar to indemnity plans in that they operate through a “fee schedule” which is determined by UCR fees. They have lower premiums, but also have a calendar year maximum for coverage. They also operate through networks similar to PPOs, so with each provider to see how many dentists are available in your area. Fee schedule providers in North Carolina include Security Life

Discount Plans:

Discount Plans offer unlimited dental care with no waiting restrictions at a discounted rate. Subscribers pay an annual or monthly fee for a discount card, which allows them to seek care from any participating dentists. Check to see what each provider’s payment plan covers, as most dentists require the entire cost of the treatment not covered by the discount at the time of the visit. Discount plans available in North Carolina include Argus, Patriot, Careington, Aetna, and Transamerica (Encore).

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations)

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) work within a more closed network than a PPO, but offer comprehensive care at a very affordable price. DHMOs pay highly qualified dentists a fixed rate each month, incentivizing them to provide quality preventative care, since healthy patients require fewer unnecessary procedures. DHMO subscribers are only responsible for the co-pay. There may be a waiting period required between visits, so check with the provider to determine any stipulations for emergency dental care or restrictions travelling, which would require seeking dental health outside the network. HumanaOne is the only North Carolina DHMO.