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Before you buy dental insurance for yourself or your family, it’s important to research the types of plans available in your area so you can find the plan the best suits your needs and saves you the most money possible. We allow you to compare quotes from different insurance providers side by side so you can compare the benefits yourself. You can enter your zip code above to get started viewing the plans available in your area, but make sure you understand the difference between the different types of plans.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in Georgia

There are five different types of Dental Insurance plans available in Georgia, and each one has a different method of coverage. Some provide more options of dentists to choose from, some provide a wider range of services, and some offer more affordable rates for basic care. Understanding how these different types of insurance work is essential to finding the right plan for you. The types of insurance available in Georgia are:

Discount Plans:

Discount Plans can be extremely attractive to patients with inadequate dental insurance. Discount cards require a monthly or annual fee in exchange for unlimited service at a discounted rate. Patients with discount cards should be aware of their provider’s discount fee schedule, as well as their payment policy, as most providers require patients to pay the entire discounted rate of the service up front at the time of the dentist visit. Discount plan providers in Georgia include Aetna, Argus, Careington, and Patriot.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans typically offer the greatest choice of dentists available. Indemnity plans are sometimes known as “traditional dental insurance plans” and work on a “fee-for-service” model. Indemnity plan providers make reimbursements after receiving and reviewing the bill, so patients typically make bigger out-of-pocket payments. Reimbursements are determined by the provider’s fee schedule, which is subject to a UCR (Usual, Customary, Reasonable) fee, which is determined by the provider and participating dentists. Check with the provider to see what percentage they cover for each service, as well as how often their fee schedule is updated. Georgia dental indemnity plan providers include American National, Nationwide, Security Life, and Delta Dental.

Fee Schedule Plans

Fee Schedule Plans are similar to indemnity plans and PPOs in that they typically work within a preferred network, and they provide compensation based on a fee schedule which is subject to a UCR fee. They typically have lower premiums than indemnity or PPO plans, but they usually have a calendar year maximum and may have wait periods for certain procedures. Patients looking at fee schedule plans should be aware of any waiting periods required by the provider and familiarize themselves with the provider’s fee schedule. Dental fee schedule plan providers in Georgia include Security Life.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) work within a preferred network of dentists who have agreed to offer their services at a discount rate to the members within the plan. Under a dental PPO, patients are assured of a maximum cost of services that are covered under the plan, though they may have restrictions on the types of procedures they cover. When shopping for a PPO plan, find out which procedures are covered by the plan, as well as the provider’s policy for coverage outside of the approved network. Georgia PPO providers include Delta Dental and HumanaOne.

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations)

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) are typically the most affordable type of coverage for basic dental care. Patients pay a monthly or annual fee for membership in the DHMO, and in exchange receive basic dental care for free or at an extremely reduced price. Dentists within the DHMO are paid a fixed monthly rate by the insurance provider, which incentivizes them to provide quality preventative care to avoid unnecessary dental procedures. There are often restrictions on the types of procedures available under DHMOs, and services outside the plan may require higher co-payments. If you’re shopping for a DHMO, be sure to see which procedures are covered by the plan, as well as the number of dentists within the patient pool.