Plan 501
Plan Information

A. Membership and Application
It's easy! To join, simply fill out the application. Everyone is able to sign up for this plan.

B. Your Effective Date
Careington International Corporation makes every effort to provide you the effective date that you request in your application. On your application, you must specify whether you would like to be effective the first of the current month or the first of the next month.

C. How does the Plan Work?
Simply call member services for a participating provider near you and show your card at the time of service. You must pay the provider at the time of service to receive your discount.

D. Choice of Provider
You must seek services by a participating Careington provider to receive discounted dental services.

E. Specialty Care/Specialist Referrals
Participating Specialists will give a 20% discount off of their normal fees.

F. Emergency Dental Services
In case of an emergency, a member should contact their usual network provider. If he/she is unavailable, contact Careington Member Services who will assist in locating another provider.

G. Coordination of Services
Careington can coordinate services with other insurance companies. In order to receive discounts from Careington, you must see one of our providers. After paying the reduced fee, you will need to file a claim form with your insurance company for reimbursement.

H. Cancellation Policy
Written cancellation notices received by Careington within 30 days of joining (or annual renewal date) are able to receive a refund of membership fees paid for that period. Processing fees are specifically non-refundable. Verbal cancellation requests are not accepted.

In practice, we use the effective date OR the date the application was entered, whichever date is later. If the cancellation notice does not ask for a refund in some manner, a refund is not automatically processed. Refunds are processed on the same account used for payment whenever possible.

I. Plan Exclusions/Limitations

Plan Exclusions

  • Services for injuries or conditions that fall under Worker's Compensation or Employer's Liability laws.
  • Services which are provided without cost to any member by any municipality, county or political subdivision.
  • Services which, in the opinion of the attending dentist, are not necessary for the patient or that cannot be performed because of the general health condition of the patient.
  • Hospitalization, general anesthesia, and I.V. sedation.
  • Cost of dental care which falls under automobile, medical, no fault, or similar type insurance.

Plan Limitations

Work in progress.
Work in progress after joining on the dental plan must be completed by dentist who started work. Any dental procedures performed by a nonparticipating dentist are not discounted. Careington cannot guarantee the continued participation of any dentist. If he/she leaves the plan, you will need to select another dentist. Not all types of dentists may be available in your area. Some providers may charge for missed or broken appointments if no prior notice is given. It is the member's responsibility to verify that the dentist is a participating provider.

J. Grievance Procedures
Please call member services for all provider and service inquiries.

K. Disclaimer
This plan does not include all procedures, which might be provided by a general dentist. Any procedure delivered which is not listed on the fee schedule may cause additional costs to be incurred. These additional costs are the responsibility of the member. The dollar amount specified adjacent to each procedure may not be the only cost incurred for a given treatment, because the treatment may require more than one dental procedure.