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Meet the medical professionals who are trained and certified to provide oral care.

How to Choose a Dentist

December 10th, 2014 by
Find a dentist that’s right for you.

With something as important as choosing a dentist, it’s vital you make a well-informed choice. Glowing recommendations from friends and family are certainly a big help if you’re searching for any type of service provider. First, you need to understand how […]

Dental Degrees

September 10th, 2014 by
Dentists face educational hurdles.

Educational and Licensing Requirements for Dentists in the US : How 5 hurdles and a marathon help keep your dentist on her toes… What, you may well ask, are the minimum requirements for someone to stick their mitts in your […]

Dental Bridges

September 4th, 2014 by
Look good and feel good with dental bridges.

There are good reasons why people get dental bridges, or “fixed partial dentures.” When a dentist replaces a tooth or teeth with a bridge, she mends not only your smile but also your health. If gaps between teeth are not […]