February 3, 2010

Fee Schedule Dental Plans

Dental fee schedule plans are a type of plan that reimburses you for a set share or dollar amount of your dental work costs. The amount that the plan repays you is based on the plan’s fee schedule. This lists all the types of work that are covered as well as the amount you will get back for each. If there is a balance due after the set fees have been paid back, it is the up to you to pay that amount.

Also called fee for service or scheduled plans, this type of plan has a calendar year maximum and a deductible. Some fee schedule plans have waiting periods for some types of work.

This type of dental plan is similar to PPO plans. In a PPO, you can receive covered work from any dentist who takes part in the plan’s network. However, a regular PPO plan covers work on a coinsurance basis. And it lists the share the plan will cover for work done by an “in network” dentist.

With a fee schedule plan, the dentists in the plan’s network have agreed to do work at a pre-set price. The plan gives you a fee schedule that details how much the plan will pay for each type of work.

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