February 3, 2010

Dental Insurance Premiums

A dental insurance premium is the base fee charged by a dental plan. It’s what you pay to be covered by the plan. You may still have to pay for some types of work.

Premiums are most often charged and paid for by the month. They tend to be lower in managed care types of dental plans such as preferred provider organization plans (PPOs) and dental health maintenance organization plans (DHMOs). Fee for service dental plans tend to have higher premiums.

Dental Insurance Premiums and You: What to Look For

When you shop for a dental plan, be sure to note the cost of the plan’s premium. Also, bear in mind that the dental plan will include other costs as well. Costs may come in the form of coinsurance, co-payments, or deductibles.

As a rule, other costs will have an effect on the plan’s premium. The higher the other costs are, the lower the premium will be. Also, ask what part of the premium you pay will be used to cover dental work. And ask what part will be used for admin costs. When you know the answers to these types of questions, you will have a good idea about what plan is the right plan for you.