February 3, 2010

Dental Insurance Deductibles Defined

A dental insurance deductible is the share of costs a you must pay for dental work before the plan kicks in to help. A plan with a $100 deductible, for instance, will call for you to pay for the first $100 in costs each year. After that, the plan will pay a share of the costs for work that is covered by the plan.

Deductibles may be charged by the year or on a one-time basis. The exact amount of the deductible will depend on the dental plan that is being used. By the way, not all dental plans have one.

Family Dental Plan Deductibles

Some, but not all, dental plans have a “family deductible.” When there is one, this goes towards the dental costs of all the members of a family who are on the plan.

Thus, if a family has a plan with a $100 family deductible, it will be met once the costs paid by the whole family pass the $100 mark. Each family member does not have to reach the $100 mark before the plan kicks in.

Deductibles and Dental Plans: Know the Details

When you shop for a dental plan, be sure to note the fine points for any deductibles. You may want to add the amount of the deductible to the plan’s premium. This will help you to get a true picture of the plan’s cost.

But don’t stop there. Also ask what share of the costs the plan will pay for work once the deductible is met. These steps will help you to see the full costs of each plan you look at to help you make the best choice.