U.S. kids are getting fewer cavities today.

U.S. Kids Have Fewer Cavities Today

Compared to just a few years back, U.S. kids have fewer cavities or “dental caries” today.” Nevertheless, dental caries is still the top chronic disease among 6-19 year-olds. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2015-2016 kids far fewer […]

Poor Oral Health and Physical Frailty

The number of older adults in the US is dramatically increasing. This is also true of other developed countries. A recent study sheds light on the influence poor oral health has on physical frailty in older adults. Older adults’ health […]

Dental Inequality in America

In this blog, we’ve often looked at the ways oral health and overall health go hand in hand. However, the effects go beyond physical well-being. Doing without dental care can also have economic effects. So, in this post we’ll look […]

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How Dark Chocolate Affects Our Oral Health

Most people know that sugary sweets can be bad for teeth. However, dentists are rethinking their advice when it comes to chocolate. It turns out, chocolate may not be so hard on teeth, after all. Dark chocolate, that is. Why […]

Dental Filling Failure Linked to Personal Factors, Not Materials

Researchers have traditionally linked dental filling failure to the materials used. However, new research suggests that personal factors are also to blame. The results imply that personalized dental care could help improve treatment outcomes. Patient factors like smoking, drinking and […]

Dental and Vision Insurance

How job seekers rank the desirability of employment benefits can tell us a lot about people’s priorities in general. In 2017, Harvard Business Review shared the results of a study that looked into this issue. Their top findings are not […]

Dental Anxiety? Sedation Dentistry Could Help

Fear of having dental work done is a very familiar condition. Dental anxiety and dental phobia are terms that cover a variety of factors. These include fear of dentistry, fears about receiving dental care, and even fear of dental professionals. […]

The Oral Hygiene – Bad Breath Connection

Marketing messages have drilled the oral hygiene – bad breath connection into our brains for decades. So much so that the idea is almost a cliché for marketing fear tactics in general. Corny lines like, “Romance Blows a Fuse When […]

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

If you’re expecting, you may be wondering: Can I have dental work while pregnant? The truth is, staying on top of dental care during pregnancy is even more important than at other times. Poor oral hygiene has been tied to […]

Dental Care Routine

Do you have a dental care routine? Most people recognize the importance of a having a regular routine to follow. However, not everyone has a set routine to follow when it comes to oral health. Some of the benefits of […]