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The dental resources at DentalInsurance.com give you simple definitions and basic overviews about dental insurance and oral care. (You can explore all of our dental resources, including blog posts, using the Category links in the sidebar.)

Are you puzzled by the difference between a PPO and a DHMO? Or maybe you don’t know how a discount dental plan differs from an indemnity plan. Well, all of that is about to change. Ready. Set. Dig in!

Cosmetic Dentistry Discover the world of cosmetic dentistry, where dental work is undertaken for primarily aesthetic, not functional, purposes.

Dental Anatomy Check out this introduction to the study of the structure of human teeth, including their appearance and classification.

Dental Hygiene Brush up on the routine preventative procedures that have been designed to help you keep your teeth and mouth clean.

Dental Insurance Learn about the various financial products and services that are available to help consumers make the costs of dental care more affordable.

Dental Phobia Learn about dental phobia, the irrational fear or anxiety related to dental care or to going to the dentist.

Dental Technology Read about some of the technologies used by dental professionals.

Dental Trauma Learn all about the various types of oral wounds or distress that may result from a sudden injury.

General Dentistry Check out the branch of medicine that deals most broadly with the teeth and mouth.

Mouth Disorders Learn about some of the conditions that can affect the mouth, including common causes and symptoms of mouth disorders.

Oral Cancer Read about some of the types of head or neck cancer and cancerous growth in the oral cavity.

Oral Pathology Get an introduction to the branch of scientific study that looks at the nature of oral conditions and diseases, including acquired disorders and oral medicine.

Oral Surgery Find out how various types of injuries or defects related to the jaw, head, and neck areas are treated surgically.

Orthodontics Learn all about the branch of dental science that specializes in correcting and preventing dental irregularities.

Pediatric Dentistry Dig into the branch of dentistry that deals with children’s teeth and mouth conditions.

Periodontics Get an overview of periodontics, which is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gum diseases.

Preventative Dentistry Learn all about the branch of dentistry that is focused on the dental habits and professional procedures that can help people to prevent oral disease.

Prosthodontics Discover prosthodontics, the branch of dental arts concerned with the design and manufacture of replacement teeth and related structures.

Restorative Dentistry Get an overview of the scientific study, diagnosis, and management of diseases of the teeth and related structures.

Vision Check out these topics related to proper eye and vision care.

Wisdom Teeth Learn about one of the common dental challenges that frequently afflicts teens and young adults.