Learn more about DentalInsurance.com and Kelsey National Corporation (KNC) from these recent press releases.

Kelsey National Corporation Observes 50th Anniversary

Kelsey National Corporation, an experienced marketer and administrator of insurance products for individuals, corporations, and associations across the United States, is celebrating half a century of innovation and experience in the US insurance industry.

Kelsey National Corporation Appoints Avery Smith President

Kelsey National Corporation, which is celebrating 50 years in the health, dental, disability, and life insurance industry, today announced the appointment of long-term Director of Business Development Avery Smith to the role of President.

Product Links Dental Discounts, Affordable Network Access

Low-cost access to one of the nation’s best dental networks and benefits similar to those available with dental discount plans are combined in a new PPO dental insurance offering from Nationwide available from DentalInsurance.com.

Partners in Newly Formed Insurance Exchange

Carrier partners for a new online dental and vision insurance exchange for employees and retirees were announced today by DentalInsurance.com.

Affiliate Program Offers a Profitable Partnership

For associations and those working as consultants in the insurance and HR benefits industries, the DentalInsurance.com Affiliate Program provides an easy way to add potential revenue streams to existing web sites.

FAQ Helps Maximize Consumers’ Investments in Oral Health

As dental costs continue to rise, DentalInsurance.com continues to invest in developing its online resource library, designed to help consumers get the most for their dental care dollars.

5 Things You Should Know About PPOs

Interest in dental preferred provider organizations (PPOs) is on the rise. Learn 5 things the experts at DentalInsurance.com want every consumer to know about this popular type of dental insurance plan.

Tips on Getting Affordable Dental Care

For those who believe they cannot afford dental insurance, these 5 tips and a free Dental Insurance Checklist from DentalInsurance.com are designed to help consumers find low cost dental care.

New Insurance Exchange to Benefit Employees, Retirees

No waiting periods and automatic subsidy reimbursements top the list of benefits provided by the new online dental and vision insurance exchange announced today by DentalInsurance.com.

Record Sales for 2012, Plans for Future Expansion

Repeat purchases and referral business from customers, their friends, family, and fellow union members drove record sales in 2012, DentalInsurance.com has announced.

Resources Help Shoppers Navigate Health Care Exchange Pitfalls

States are moving forward with implementing public health insurance exchanges, sometimes in unexpected ways. To help consumers ensure continued dental insurance coverage, DentalInsurance.com announces new resources that make shopping for the best dental plans easier than ever.

More Choices for Individuals, Better Benefits for Kids

Now that health care reform has passed its first constitutional hurdles, the dental health care outlook includes additional choices for individual dental insurance coverage plus improved dental coverage and care for our nation’s children.

Checklist: Find the Best Discount Dental Plan

Many consumers remain unaware of discount dental plans. This checklist from DentalInsurance.com will help them evaluate which is the best discount dental plan to meet their needs.

Record Sales in 2012

Today DentalInsurance.com, a leading innovator and provider of dental insurance and discount protection to individuals and employers, announced record sales for the first quarter of 2012 as a result of several advancements made to improve the consumer experience of online dental insurance shopping.

Top Tips for Consumers in the 2012 Tax Season

Consumers have options for dental tax-related savings: itemize dental deductions, or use tax-favored health plans.

10 Tips to Maximize Dental Benefits

In today’s challenging economy, there are a number of tips smart consumers can follow to ensure they get the most they possibly can out of their individual dental insurance plans.

The 7 Dental Sins of Pediatric Care

DentalInsurance.com explains the 7 sins of children’s dental care. Be sure to avoid these 7 pitfalls to keep children’s teeth healthy.

DentalInsurance.com Joins National Association of Dental Plans (NADP)

Consumers Will Benefit From Association Membership through Leading Online Dental Insurance Marketplace and Upcoming Health Insurance Exchanges.