January 25, 2012

The 7 Dental Sins of Pediatric Care

The 7 Dental Sins of Pediatric Care: Children’s Dental Care in 2012

DentalInsurance.com explains the 7 sins of children’s dental care. Be sure to avoid these 7 pitfalls to keep children’s teeth healthy.

Los Angeles, CA: January 25, 2012

Today DentalInsurance.com, a leading innovator and provider of dental insurance and discount protection to individuals and employers, released advice and tips for helping to promote children’s dental care.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, which means there’s no better time to take a good look at some of the actions and attitudes that occasionally contribute to children’s teeth being less healthy than they might be. To help parents and care-givers provide better care for children’s dental health in 2012, DentalInsurance.com has developed a list that will help keep little one’s teeth healthy and beautiful!

The 7 Dental Sins of Pediatric Care:

1.    Waiting to think about children’s dental care until after the bundle of joy has arrived.

Dental health is an important aspect of overall health, so it’s natural that during pregnancy a mother’s oral health also plays a role in the health of the child she is carrying. It’s important for mothers-to-be to remember that they’re not only eating for two (or more!), they’re also brushing, flossing, and rinsing for more than just themselves.

2.    Cleaning baby’s first teeth the same way parents would clean their own.

Until little Emma or Ethan reaches the age of two, using toothpaste is generally not recommended. To help prevent tooth decay when your baby’s first teeth begin to appear, you can brush them using a soft-bristled children’s toothbrush and just a bit of water. Later, when children are old enough to begin using toothpaste, be certain to supervise them closely to make sure they don’t swallow it.

3.    Scolding toddlers for thumb sucking.

Thumb sucking is generally considered to be a natural reflex in children, which helps them to relax and feel more secure. However, once your child’s permanent teeth begin to come in, sucking can create problems related to teeth alignment and mouth development. Rather than scold a child for thumb sucking, look for opportunities to praise her for not sucking, and try to help her learn to relax and feel more secure through other means.

4.    Allowing kids to overindulge in sweets and candies.

The food choices and eating patterns you introduce to your children will play a direct role in how rapidly they could develop dental problems. It’s no secret that Americans are consuming more and more sugary sodas, fruit drinks, and snack foods that can have a negative impact on dental health. To help protect a family’s teeth, be sure to provide a balanced diet and limit snacks between meals.

5.    Making brushing a chore.

Until his manual dexterity develops, it can be difficult and frustrating for junior to brush properly. There are many ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Ask an oral hygienist to recommend age-appropriate games and activities that can help make oral hygiene more fun for children.

6.    Waiting for a dental emergency to happen before learning how to deal with it.

Accidents do happen. Before one is actually in an emergency situation, talk with the family dentist about the best ways to deal with various dental emergencies, such as a bitten tongue or lip, broken, cracked, or missing teeth, and toothaches. Understanding – in advance – what to do in an emergency could mean saving a tooth or two.

7.    Overpaying for dental insurance.

The cost of maintaining dental health can run to hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it’s very important to ensure a family has adequate dental coverage. DentalInsurance.com can help families compare prices for dental insurance and discount protection so consumers can save money. Simply enter a zip code on the home page at http://www.dentalinsurance.com to receive dental insurance quotes and learn how much money the entire family could be saving!

For more information about children’s dental care at any stage of development, be sure to speak with the family dentist. To read additional articles about dental care, or to compare and save on dental insurance, visit http://www.dentalinsurance.com today.

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