July 7, 2014

Kelsey National Corporation Appoints Avery Smith President

Kelsey National Corporation, which is celebrating 50 years in the health, dental, disability, and life insurance industry, today announced the appointment of long-term Director of Business Development Avery Smith to the role of President.

Los Angeles, CA: July 07, 2014

Kelsey National Corporation (KNC) and its affiliate HealthInsurance.com, Inc., provide private exchanges that enable comparison shopping by those under age 65 for health insurance and dental insurance as well as retiree exchanges for dental and vision insurance. Kelsey National today announced the appointment of Avery Smith to the position of President. Smith, formerly KNC’s Director of Business Development, has been with the company since 2004, beginning as Customer Service Manager. He held the position of Director of Business Development for the past 7 years.

“Avery’s leadership within KNC over the past decade has amply prepared him to lead the business forward successfully,” said Mark Kelsey, CEO, Kelsey National Corporation. “Avery has mastered the ins and outs of our business and the benefits industry, and we are confident in his ability to lead KNC through this game-changing period with his characteristic good humor and positive outlook,” Kelsey said.

Avery’s leadership within KNC over the past decade has amply prepared him to lead the business forward successfully

In his history with Kelsey, Smith spearheaded the creation of an online platform that helped thousands of Medicare participants easily purchase Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. He also worked closely to create a private exchange, which has been endorsed by eight Fortune 500 companies for their part-time and seasonal employees to purchase health insurance.

President, Kelsey National Corporation

Avery Smith, President, Kelsey National Corporation

In addition, Smith was instrumental in the creation of www.YourDentalExchange.com, a private exchange that helps seniors who are losing group coverage sign up for dental and vision insurance plans with no waiting periods.

Smith’s promotion comes during Kelsey’s 50th Anniversary year. “KNC was incorporated in 1964, and has worked hard to earn a great reputation with its partners and customers,” Smith said. “We are all proud of KNC’s legacy as a responsible and nimble company that is known for exceeding customer expectations, and I personally look forward to continuing that tradition.”

In his new role, Smith also has strategic plans for the future of KNC. “As the U.S. health, dental, and vision insurance industry continues to evolve, Kelsey is well positioned to offer a broad variety of self-service exchange-type solutions to employers, benefit consulting houses, and associations of all sizes due to its extensive experience building online dental, health, vision, and other types of insurance marketplaces,” he said.

“As we look to the future,” Smith said, “we will continue to focus on building elegant and robust solutions for our partners, offering innovative products, and delivering the type of first-rate services and experiences that will keep Kelsey’s customers coming back.”

About Kelsey National Corporation

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Kelsey National Corporation (KNC) is an experienced marketer and administrator of insurance products for individuals, corporations, and associations across the United States. KNC offers unique solutions that can solve the paradigm of health care coverage for our partners by helping their members or employees make better insurance choices, including www.HealthInsurance.com, which empowers small businesses and individuals to make informed health insurance decisions, and www.DentalInsurance.com, an online exchange platform for dental insurance and discount dental plan comparison shopping.