June 1, 2012

Checklist: Find the Best Discount Dental Plan

Checklist for Finding the Best Discount Dental Plan for You: What Consumers Should Look For

Many consumers remain unaware of discount dental plans. This checklist from DentalInsurance.com will help them evaluate which is the best discount dental plan to meet their needs.

Los Angeles, CA: June 01, 2012

Today DentalInsurance.com, a leading innovator and provider of dental insurance and discount protection to individuals and employers, shared a checklist designed to help consumers evaluate discount dental plans.

“It’s no secret that regular visits to the dentist can contribute to better health overall,” said Avery Smith, Director of Business Development, DentalInsurance.com. “Nevertheless, millions of US consumers are not able to afford the dental care they need because of the rising costs for dental care. One choice for affordable dental care that more consumers should be aware of is discount dental plans.”

…more than 100,000 dentists now accept discount dental plans

Across the US, more than 100,000 dentists now accept discount dental plans. More and more, this type of plan is helping individuals and families get the dental care they need but could not otherwise afford.

What Consumers Should Look for in a Discount Dental Plan
Discount dental plans are not for every consumer, and individuals should carefully review all their options before selecting any dental plan. To evaluate the best discount dental plan for their particular needs, consumers should ask the following questions:

  •     What are the specific terms of the plan?
  •     How large a discount does the plan provide?
  •     What dental services or procedures are needed?
  •     What is the total cost of the services or procedures?
  •     Does that figure include all fees related to the procedure?
  •     Are any services or procedures not covered by the discount plan?
  •     Is the total amount after discount due in full up front, or can payments be spread out over time?

Most discount dental plans require the discounted total to be paid up front. Therefore, if a lump sum payment for a dental procedure appears to be prohibitive, then a discount dental plan may not be the best option. In that case, consumers may wish to consult directly with a dentist regarding a payment plan, which many dentists are willing to negotiate, or they may look into traditional dental insurance products.

Finally, before choosing a discount dental plan, consumers should ask if the dentist they plan to work with will honor the discounted rate for services throughout the term of the consumer’s membership in the plan.

“With the breadth of options available to consumers today, no one should have to do without the dental care they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Smith said. “DentalInsurance.com offers consumers top discount dental plans that help them find more affordable care for the dental services they need, and our network of carriers includes discount dental plans that offer consumers a choice among tens of thousands of dentists nationwide.”

About DentalInsurance.com

Based in Los Angeles, CA, DentalInsurance.com has been the preeminent dental insurance and discount dental plan comparison shopping experience since 2001. A leading innovator and provider of dental insurance and discount protection to individuals and employers, DentalInsurance.com was the first company to enable consumers to compare, apply for, and purchase dental insurance and discount protection from top-rated insurance carriers online via the company’s website at http://www.dentalinsurance.com. Working diligently to deliver the most competitive carriers and plans nationwide, DentalInsurance.com provides individuals, families, and businesses quality dental coverage to fit every budget and lifestyle.

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