October 18, 2017

Discount Dental Plans: Could One Help You?

Discount dental plans (DDPs) are not the same as dental insurance. They’re a common type of plan that can help lower the costs of dental work.

People with no dental insurance often turn to discount dental plans for help.

People with no dental insurance often turn to discount dental plans for help.

People with no dental insurance often turn to a discount dental plan for help. DDPs also appeal to those who have a dental plan that does not cover certain types of work. Having this type of plan can help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Discount dental plan members receive discounts only when they use a dentist who takes part in the plan. In general, more dentists take part in DDPs than HMOs. The number of dentists in a DDP is very similar to what you might find in a PPO plan.

Learn about the types of dental insurance plans.

Discount Dental Plans: What to Expect

With typical dental insurance plans, you have set co-payments or coinsurance fees. Not with DDPs. Your discount dental plan payment comes in the form of a member fee.

Also, with a DDP, you pay the dentist for work, not the plan.  Once you pay to be a member, you can work with the plan’s dentists at their discounted rates. DDPs base their costs on a discounted fee schedule.

Some DDPs offer you ways to save on costs that you can’t get with insurance. For instance, some DDPs may have no annual limits or exclusions. Some let you pay the member fee in easy monthly payments.

Some Examples of Discount Dental Plans

There are many discount dental plans. Some popular DDPs include the following.

The True Advantage Dental Discount Plan is a discount program from Aetna. It gives you access to the Aetna Dental Access® Network, which is one of the largest, most recognized discount dental networks in the nation. Learn more about Aetna True Advantage.

The Alpha Dental Plan from Beta Health is a discount fee-for-service network dental plan. Beta offers another discount dental plan called the Choice Dental Plan. The plans can even be combined to create a “Triple Choice Dental Plan” option. Learn more about Beta Health plans.

The Argus Dental Plan is licensed through the Florida Department of Insurance. Argus’ flexible benefit plans meets the needs of individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. Their network of dentists continues to grow every day. Learn more about the Argus Dental Plan.

The Careington International Plan is a dental discount plan that provides a low monthly cost, a broad list of services, and an extensive provider panel. Members receive discounted dental services at participating provider offices. Learn more about the Careington International dental discount plan.

The Patriot Health Dental Plan is for Americans who have no type of dental coverage or want to supplement existing coverage. This reduced fee-for-service dental program provides dental care at more than 3,600 participating dentists nationwide. Learn more about Patriot Health.

AmeriPlan® Corporation has been a provider of supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992. Members get instant savings when they pay the Network health care provider directly for all services. Learn more about AmeriPlan.

Checklist: Find the Best Discount Dental Plan for You

Yes, there are many great discount dental plans that can help you save on the costs of dental work. However, how can you choose the best one for you? Check out this checklist from DentalInsurance.com! It will help you evaluate which is the best discount dental plan to meet your needs.

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