Picnic Day – Healthy Food & Beverage Recommendations

If you are looking for the perfect reason to pack your lunch and head outdoors, you will be pleased to learn that National Picnic Day is just around the corner. As the temperature starts to rise and the clouds fade to reveal blue skies, people from all walks of life will grab their favorite meals and embark on a relaxing picnic. The problem, though, is that many of the foods that people eat are harmful to their teeth, and they don’t even know about the danger. The good news is that you can still enjoy tasty treats without putting your oral health at risk. You and your family will not need to miss out on the fun to stay in good shape, and you will be glad that you made the smart choice. Not everyone knows what to eat and what to avoid, but the following information will point you in the right direction, allowing you to move forward with confidence.


When your goal is to stock up on foods that are pleasant to eat but won’t damage your dental health, looking at cheese is a good place from which to start, and those who consume it on a regular basis tend to have lower levels of acid in their mouths than those who don’t. This will reduce the odds of tooth decay, but that’s not all. Since cheese is packed full of calcium, bringing some on your picnic will serve to strengthen your teeth. If you don’t like eating cheese plain, you can try a range of sauces that will take the flavor to a new level.


Those who keep dental health at the front of their minds can replace ice cream with yogurt when they celebrate National Picnic Day. Like cheese, yogurt also contains calcium and will work wonders for every tooth in your mouth, and you can opt for a range of flavors to keep things interesting. Even though it will go a long way to keep cavities away, it’s important you remember that not all yogurts are equal. Before you pick out a product, check the label to ensure that it contains no added sugar.


When you want to make your fun day even better, don’t forget to bring a few apples along for the ride. Not only are they delicious, but apples will also work wonders for building strong teeth. They usually contain a lot of water and will wash bacteria and food particles away from your teeth. Some people opt to eat them whole, but you can also cut them into slices or cubes. If you want to mix several healthy snacks, try dipping apple slices in your cup of yogurt.

Drinks That Promote Dental Health

Maintaining your oral health on National Picnic Day requires you to leave the soda at home, but it’s not as bad as you might think. You can still find a range of drinks that taste great without much trouble. Place some chocolate milk in your cooler for quick access to a beverage that won’t disappoint you, but you can even opt for green tea if you want to add some variety to your selection.

Final Thoughts

Although some people believe that maintaining proper oral health means that they must forget about any foods or drinks that taste great, they are mistaken. Apples, yogurt, milk and more will add a wave a flavor to your picnic without endangering your teeth. As long as you look for options that are low in sugar, you are unlikely to face many problems. A lot of dental issues can be prevented by making informed decisions, and learning about healthy choices that will appeal to your tastes buds will help you stay on track.

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