Regular dental care is essential to your overall health. In fact, how healthy your mouth is tends to be a pretty accurate indicator of your overall health. For that reason, it is important to get dental insurance and ensure that your teeth and gums are being kept in tiptop health.

1. Keep Costs Low

One of the best ways to keep dental care costs low is by getting dental insurance. This will especially be the case if you need extensive work done such as oral surgery or getting dentures or crowns put in. Additionally, emergency dental care is sometimes needed. This can be the result of getting hit in the face, cracking a tooth on a hard piece of food or experiencing sudden severe tooth pain. Unfortunately, emergency dental care is quite expensive when paid out of pocket, but insurance will help keep those costs low.

2. Preventative Care

Having insurance oftentimes provides people with an impetus to see a dentist more often, which benefits both you as well as the insurance company. Of course, the most obvious benefit is cost savings as avoiding the costlier aspects of oral health saves everybody money. It can also be a stressful experience to need to deal with things like gum disease, enamel wear and cavities, but getting oral care at least twice a year on a preventative basis will reduce the chances that you will need to worry about those more negative aspects of oral health.

3. Readiness for Emergencies

Certainly, the financial benefits of emergency dental care under an insurance plan are noteworthy. However, another plus to having dental insurance when an emergency situation occurs is that it helps streamline the process of getting it taken care of. For example, depending on the availability of your primary dentist, you may even be able to get it taken care of by her and not need to go to an expensive emergency room.

Of course, you do need to rush to the emergency room if you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding, difficulty breathing or similar dangerous situations. Every minute is also important in the case of knocked-out teeth, so you will likely also want to head to the emergency room in that situation in order to increase the chances of them being able to be re-implanted.

4. Dentists are Pre-Screened

A majority of insurance companies provide you with a list of approved dentists, and it is in their best interests to ensure that only quality providers are listed. As a result, the chances of you receiving high-quality treatment, both preventative as well as for major procedures, are high. Conversely, seeing one who is doing things such as using old technology, not bothering to ask for or consider your dental records, being careless about cleanliness in the office or encouraging you to get needless, but expensive, work done can result in costly and possibly dangerous oral health conditions down the line.

5. You Have Children

The costs skyrocket if you have to pay out of pocket for your children in addition to you and possibly your spouse to regularly see the dentist as well. Because of this, you may be less apt to get them routine dental care when their baby teeth are being replaced by their permanent ones and throughout the rest of their childhoods. You will also want to set a good example for your children by enforcing the importance of regular checkups, helping increase the odds that they will do the same for themselves in adulthood as well as for any children that they may have. Fortunately, a number of providers offer affordable family plans.