August 10, 2015

National Smile Week Drives Billions into Selfie Frenzy on Social Media

Okay, you probably knew that headline was click bait. Still, now that we have your attention, try this little experiment: smile.

Don’t just make a smiley face, though. Do what method actors do. Think about something that can’t help but make you smile. Got it? Good! Now, smile again.

How’d that make you feel? If you’re like most people, you probably feel better – maybe even a lot better – than you did before you started reading this.

Group Of Friends Taking A SelfieHere’s another experiment you might want to try. Smile at a stranger and see what they do. There’s a very good chance they’ll smile back at you. Why?

Why, because people are wired that way, that’s why. Of course, we’re also wired to yawn when other people yawn, but that’s a blog for another day.


National Smile Week: What’s the point?

Happy, healthy smiles are the currency of our social lives. (How’s your selfie stick holding up, BTW?) So it’s hardly surprising that days and even weeks would be dedicated to these fleeting, fascinating facial gestures.

That’s the case with the second week in August each year, National Smile Week. As if anyone needed a reason to spread some smiles around.

But maybe that’s the point. Share a smile – even for the slightest of reasons. Even for no reason at all! And why not?

After all, studies have shown that putting on a smile can actually lift your spirits. You just proved that with our first little experiment.

A little mad science you can try at home

Now, it’s time to try a mad science experiment of your own. Here’s your challenge: See if you can infect your social network with a smile!

Any kind of smile will do. Maybe share one about puppies and babies, for example? Or maybe one that comes from remembering a shared experience, teacher, or loved one. Heck, if this blog made you smile, you could even share it (wink, nudge).

There are millions of types of smiles you could share. Which one will you choose?

Whatever kind of smile you share today, here’s hoping yours sends ripples of warm, happy feelings through the sea of people you count among your friends.

Have a great National Smile Week! Oh, and maybe send a thank you note to your dentist. Just saying…

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