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Below are the five different Guardian Direct dental insurance plans offered on Plans are not available in every region so use our dental plan comparison tool to see which options are available in your zip code.

Guardian Direct Advantage Starter PPO

The Advantage Starter is a PPO dental plan, which means that it allows you to see in-network dentists at reduced rates or out-of-network dentists (but with higher out-of-pocket costs). In the first year of coverage, the plan will pay up to $500 for covered dental services. This limit increases to $750 during the second continuous year of membership and increases further to $1,000 for the third year and after.

Guardian Direct Advantage Core

The Advantage Core has the same incremental increase in maximum benefit (i.e. the annual limit on dental plan spending) as the Advantage Starter. However, unlike the Advantage Starter, the Advantage Core covers root canals and crowns after 12 months of continuous plan membership.

Guardian Direct Advantage Achiever

The Advantage Achiever has annual plan spending limits than the Starter or Core plans. It also has higher cost coverage for white fillings and simple tooth extractions.

Guardian Direct Advantage Diamond

The Advantage Diamond covers some dental services missed by other plans. For example, there is a $500 annual allowance for teeth whitening. Plan members may also use $1,000 lifetime maximum for dental implant services and another $1,000 lifetime maximum for orthodontic services. Some traditional services such as white fillings and simple extractions are covered at 80%.

Guardian Direct Managed DentalGuard

The Managed DentalGuard plan by Guardian is a Health dental Maintenance Organization (DHMO). The advantages of this plan are no limits on spending for covered dental services. The downside is that you are restricted to the plan’s network of dentists for your dental care.

Guardian Dental Plan Comparison

  First Year of Coverage
Plan Name Annual Teeth Cleaning Coverage Filling Coverage Plan Maximum
Advantage Starter PPO 100% 50% $500
Advantage Achiever 100% 70% $1,000
Advantage Core 80% 50% $500
Advantage Diamond 100% 80% $1,500
Managed DentalGuard HMO 100% $36 copay No limit on plan spending

* Some plans increase coverage during the second and third years of continuous membership.


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