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Dental Insurance Plan Quotes – Maine

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There are several different types of dental insurance plans available in Maine. Finding the most affordable dental plan for you will depend on your individual or your family’s dental care coverage needs. Do you want to compare free quotes for Maine dental insurance and discount plans available in your area? It is easy, simply type in your zip code above to get started. Before you begin though, make sure you know what the differences are between the different types of dental insurance and discount dental plans available in ME.

Maine Dental Plans

The different types of dental plans in Maine are:

Discount Plans

Maine dental discount plans offer immediate coverage and allow for unlimited use of services by using a Maine dental network and are based on a discounted fee schedule. The cost of a discount card is small compared to the potential savings an individual or family could gain from a discount card.
(*Discount plans are not insurance and are not intended to replace health insurance.)

PPO Plans

With a Maine PPO, individuals will receive dental care from a Maine dental network. Individuals select a Maine dentist from a network or listing of dental providers who have agreed by contract to reduce their fees. Typically, PPO dental plans have the largest network of Maine dentists. No specialist referrals are needed with PPOs and premiums are generally lower than those of Maine indemnity plans. Ameritas is a PPO provider in Maine..

Indemnity Plans

An indemnity plan offers individuals and families true freedom of choice. With a Maine indemnity plan, plan subscribers can visit any dentist. These plans pay a portion of the dentist’s fee, which is a percentage of the “usual, customary, and reasonable” charges for covered services. All Maine indemnity plans also require a deductible and have a waiting period before certain services are covered.