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Trying to find affordable dental insurance in Colorado requires some research, and DentalInsurance.com makes it easy by providing free rate quotes and information so you can easily compare dental insurance and discount dental plan providers side by side. To find out which dental insurance plans are available in Colorado, enter your zip code above to start your free online rate quote. Before you begin though, it’s important to understand what the differences are between the various types of dental plans in CO.

Types of Dental Plans in Colorado

There are four different types of dental insurance plans to choose from in Colorado. Plans will vary among different providers, but plans of the same type will follow the same basic payment structure. Each type of plan has its benefits and restrictions, and understanding how they cater to you and your family’s needs is essential to finding an affordable plan that covers your needs. The types of plans available in Colorado are:

Fee Schedule Plans

Fee Schedule Plans work on a fee-for-service model. Fee schedule providers agree to cover a certain percentage of the cost of specific procedures, which is listed in the provider’s “fee schedule.” The fee schedule is usually determined by a UCR (Usual, Customary, Reasonable) fee, which is a combination of the average cost of care among dentists in the area, and what the provider believes is a reasonable cost for care. Fee schedule plans typically have lower premiums than PPO or indemnity plans, but usually have a calendar year maximum amount of coverage available, and may have waiting periods for certain procedures. Familiarize yourself with the provider’s fee schedule and find out how often it is updated, and also check to see what types of restrictions they may require for certain services. Security Life Insurance Company Of America is a Colorado fee schedule provider.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) provide subscribers with a network of approved dentists. These dentists agree to offer their services at a reduced rate for subscribers in the network in order to receive access to a wider patient pool. The provider covers a certain percentage of the discounted service, and the patient is responsible for the remaining cost. PPOs have a large network of dentists to choose from, but there may be waiting periods for certain types of procedures. They also usually provide less coverage for dentists outside of the network, so check the provider’s policy for emergency care. HumanaOne, Nationwide, and Anthem are Colorado PPO providers.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans are a fee-for-service plan, and are sometimes called “traditional dental insurance” plans. They also use a fee schedule based on a UCR index. One of the biggest perks of indemnity plans is that they give you the freedom to seek care from any dentist, without requiring a network. Indemnity plan subscribers may be subjected to higher out-of-pocket payments, since reimbursements are made after the provider receives and reviews the bill. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the provider’s fee schedule, as well as their policies on updating their fee schedule. Indemnity plan providers in Colorado include Transamerica (Encore), American National, and Security Life Insurance Company Of America

Discount Plans:

Discount Plans allow subscribers to seek unlimited dental care at a discounted rate, without a calendar year maximum. This may be an attractive option for patients with inadequate coverage in their current dental insurance plan. Subscribers pay an annual or monthly fee for a discount card, which in turn allows them to receive services at a discount rate from participating dentists. No reimbursement paperwork is required, though patients are usually responsible for any cost not covered by the discount at the time of the visit. Discount plans vary widely between providers, to check to see what percentage each discount plan covers for each service. Colorado discount dental plan providers include Patriot, Careington International, Aetna Dental, and Beta Health.