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Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Stand-Alone Dental Insurance Basics

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Individual Dental Insurance

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One of the first challenges consumers face when shopping for insurance is the collection of unfamiliar terms cropping up across the plan comparisons and benefit descriptions. One of those phrases is “individual dental insurance.” In this article, we’ll cover:

By the end of the article, the reader will have sufficient background to begin their shopping process with confidence.

What Is Individual Dental Insurance?

“Individual dental insurance” refers to dental insurance purchased by a private person to cover him or herself. Within the dental insurance industry, it is viewed as distinct from group plans purchased by employers or by unions.

How is Individual Dental Insurance Different than Employer Dental Benefits?

Fundamentally, the difference between individual and employer dental insurance is that the employer-variety of dental coverage is likely a group plan, i.e. a policy that covers multiple employees while the individual plan covers only a sole enrollee. Group plans have the advantage of scale to obtain more favorable premiums than is the case for single enrollees within the individual dental plan market. Insurers also like groups because they are likely to be more predictable with respect to annual claims (in other words, there is less fluctuation expected between predicted dental claim expenses and actual claims).

Another important difference between individual and employer dental insurance is that the enrollee pays the full premium for individual dental insurance, while an employer may subsidize a portion of the premiums for workers enrolled in employer dental insurance. A subsidized dental plan lowers the premiums for the workers who choose to enroll.

What are the Benefits Included in Individual Dental Insurance?

There is no standardization of benefits among dental insurance plans, which makes shopping more work, unfortunately. With that said, many dental plans cover services such as:

Benefits often missing in individual dental insurance include:

What Are Some of the Major Considerations when Buying Individual Dental Insurance?

When comparing dental plans available in your area, here are a few questions a consumer should ask of each plan you are considering:

For more detailed information on shopping for a dental plan, you can review our article Dental Insurance 101.

What are the Costs of Individual Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is typically much less expensive than medical insurance. With respect to deductibles, the typical amount ranges from $50 to $100 according to Consumer Reports. Premiums (the monthly fee you pay for coverage) varies considerably, but there are many plans available for less than $50 a month for individual coverage. Below are some premium trends has observed in different states:

This website may also be used to compare prices for plans available within your state.