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Looking for dental insurance plans in Utah? Don’t forget to do your research. There are a number of different plans available, and no plan is perfect for everyone. makes the research phase easier by allowing you to compare free quotes for available plans in your area. You can get started by typing in your zip code above, but before you begin, here’s a summary of the different types of available plans.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans Available in Utah

Dental insurance plans in Utah fall into four different categories. Choosing the plan that’s right for you will depend on your family’s needs, and the types of procedures you believe you will need. Understanding these differences will help you find an affordable dental insurance plan that works for you. The types of insurance include:

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity operate on a traditional “fee-for-service” model, in which providers agree to cover a percentage of the cost of care, depending on the specific procedure. Indemnity plans allow you to seek care from any dentist you choose, but may incur higher out-of-pocket payments for patients since reimbursements are made after the provider receives the bill. The amount providers are willing to pay is listed in the company’s “fee schedule”, which is based on a UCR (Usual, Customary, Reasonable) fee. This is essentially the average cost of care for dentists within the area. Patients shopping for indemnity plans should check the provider’s fee schedule, as well as their policy on updating this fee schedule. Indemnity plan providers in Utah include Delta Dental, Security Life Insurance Company Of America and Nationwide .

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs provide subscribers with a network of approved dentists. These dentists agree to offer their services at a reduced rate for subscribers in the network in order to receive access to a wider patient pool. The provider covers a certain percentage of the discounted service, and the patient is responsible for the remaining cost. PPOs have a large network of dentists to choose from, but there may be waiting periods for certain types of procedures. They also usually provide less coverage for dentists outside of the network, so check the provider’s policy for emergency care. HumanaOne, Nationwide , and Delta Dental are all Utah PPO providers.

Fee Schedule Plan

Fee Schedule plans are similar to indemnity plans, but usually work within a network of preferred dentists like a PPO. Like an indemnity plan, reimbursement amounts are listed in the company’s fee schedule, which is based on UCR fees. These plans usually have lower premiums than indemnity plans or PPOs, but typically have a calendar year maximum and waiting periods on certain procedures. The fee schedule plan providers available in Utah include Security Life Insurance Company Of America.

Discount Plans

Discount plans are unlike most other types of insurance, in that the discount plan provider doesn’t actually make reimbursements from a patient’s bill. Subscribers pay an annual or monthly fee in exchange for a discount card, which allows them to seek dental care at a discounted rate from participating dentists. These plans tend to be popular among those who are unhappy with their current dental insurance coverage, as there are typically little or no waiting periods involved in signing up. Since there are no reimbursements though, patients are typically responsible for the entire payment of the discounted rate at the time of the visit. Patriot Health Inc. is a popular discount dental plan provider in Utah.