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There are several different types of dental insurance available in Illinois. Finding the most affordable plan for you will depend on your you and your family’s needs, but you can start by comparing free quotes for Illinois dental insurance plans available in your area by typing in your zip code above. Before you begin though, make sure you know the differences between the different types of plans available in Illinois.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in Illinois

Illinois has five different plans available for patients seeking affordable dental insurance. Each type of plan covers dental service in a different way, and have different methods of payment. Understanding these differences will help you save money and ensure all your needs are provided. The types of dental insurance plans available in Illinois are:

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) work through a preferred network of dentists who agree to offer their services at a reduced cost for patients within the plan. PPO patients are assured of a maximum cost of service for approved procedures, but may have higher co-pays if they seek treatment outside the network. Check to see which procedures the provider covers, as well as their policies for seeking treatment outside the approved list of dentists. PPO providers in Illinois include HumanaOne and Nationwide.

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations)

DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) are a type of “managed care” in which patients pay a monthly or annual fee for membership in exchange for dental care at an extremely reduced price or free. They are often the most affordable plans available, but may have a limited choice of available dentists, and may have a waiting period in between services. Patients shopping for DHMOs should be aware of how many dentists are available within the patient pool, as well as which procedures are covered under the main plan. HumanaOne is the only Illinois provider that offers a DHMO plan.

Discount Plans:

Discount Plans can offer unlimited health care at a discounted rate in exchange for an annual or monthly fee. They may be extremely attractive for patients with inadequate dental health insurance, and the savings far outweigh the cost of the discount card. Patients are usually required to pay the balance of the service not covered by the discount at the time of the visit. Careington is the only dental insurance provider in Illinois that offers a discount plan.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans typically offer the greatest choice of dentists available compared to PPOs and DHMOs. They reimburse certain procedures based on the provider’s “fee schedule,” which is determined by a UCR fee (Usual, Customary, Reasonable) fee determined by the provider and participating dentists. Indemnity plans usually cover a significant portion of dental services, but only after receiving and reviewing the bill, which may mean higher out-of-pocket cost for the patient. When shopping for an indemnity plan, familiarize yourself with the provider’s fee schedule, as well as their policy for how often they update the fee schedule. Indemnity plan providers in Illinois include Transamerica (also known as Encore), Security Life, American National, and Nationwide.

Fee Schedule Plans

Fee Schedule Plans are similar to indemnity plans and PPOs in that they reimburse a certain percentage for services, and typically work within a preferred dentist network. They typically offer lower premiums than PPO or Indemnity plans, but typically offer a maximum amount of coverage per calendar year. Fee schedule plans available in Illinois include Security Life.