Plan III
Plan Highlights and Carrier Information

Plan Highlights

Covered services include oral exams, cleanings, and X-rays, as well as more complex services like bridges, crowns, dentures, denture repairs, fillings, gum disease treatment, oral surgery, and root canals. Treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) is also covered.

PPO Plan III gives you peace of mind so you’ll never have to worry about having a healthy smile.

  • Freedom to visit any licensed dentist, while saving money using a dentist in our network
  • No waiting periods, on preventive care with 100% coverage
  • Higher percentage of coverage for minor restorative work vs. Plan II
  • $1,000 annual maximum
  • Low $50 deductible

Note: Policies have exclusions and limitations that may limit coverage.
For complete details, please refer to the Plan Info Page.

About the Administrator

Delta Dental Plan of Michigan Inc. is one of the largest plan administrators in the nation. Good oral health is essential for good overall health, which is why Delta Dental strives to make dental care affordable and attainable for as many people as possible through quality plans.

The Delta Dental plans are members of the Delta Dental Plans Association, a nationwide system of independently operated dental health service plans. Together, the plans provide coverage to more than 54 million Americans and operate the nation’s largest network of participating dentists.

Underwriter Address

Underwritten by:
Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America
P.O. Box 1596
Indianapolis, IN 46206

and in New York by:
Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York,
New York, NY.

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To purchase a Delta Dental individual dental plan, you need to be a current member of American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) if you are age 55 and older. ASBA is a national non-profit association with over 800,000 members focused on education, advocacy and member programs for Americans age 50 and better.

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