Plan Information

VSP Easy Option Plan Information

  • Best value. You’ll enjoy the lowest out-of-pocket costs in individual vision care, saving you hundreds of dollars on your eye exam and glasses.
  • Best care. Only VSP doctors offer a WellVision Exam®—the most comprehensive eye exam that aids in early detection of health conditions. You’ll get personalized care from VSP doctors who have the highest industry credentials.
  • Best choices. When you see a VSP doctor you’ll get the most out of your benefit. Choose from the nation’s largest network of doctors who carry a wide selection of name-brand frames for your style and budget.
  • Exclusive Member Extras. Get an extra $20 to spend when you choose a featured frame brand like bebe®, ck Calvin Klein, Flexon®, Lacoste, Nike, Nine West and more!
Vision Benefits Chart

Renewing your Plan Your plan will automatically renew at the end of your policy period and your payment information you provided us will be automatically charged for the appropriate amount. We’ll remind you 60 days in advance of your renewal—in case you wish to make any changes to your plan prior to your renewal date. For questions about your VSP coverage, visit or call us at 800.785.0699

Member Satisfaction You have 30 days after your effective date to examine your plan risk-free. If within 30 days you’re dissatisfied with the plan you may return it and obtain a refund of any premium paid. If you return this policy, you will be responsible for payment in full of any services received or materials purchased from the policy effective date to the date the policy is returned. If you selected the monthly payment option for your annual benefit term, you’ve agreed to pay the required annual premium in twelve (12) payments. To provide new payment information or request cancellation, please call us at 800.785.0699.

*Coverage terms and conditions are set forth in the policy under which the individual consumer is insured, and such terms and conditions vary according to the laws of the state in which the policy was issued.

Based on applicable laws, benefits may vary by location.

Limitations and Exclusions

Your Copay and Benefits
Eye Exam $15 copayment for Vision Exam
Materials $25 copayment for lenses and frames
Rx Frame
  • $150 In-Network Frame Allowance - wide selection of frames
  • $170 In-Network Frame Allowance - featured frame brands
  • 20% savings on the amount over your allowance
Rx Lenses Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, Lined Trifocal, Impact-resistant (polycarbonate) lenses for children (covered in full after copay)
Lens Enhancements
  • $55-$175 copay for Progressive lenses (no-line bi/trifocals, ranging from standard to custom)
  • $70-$82 copay for Light-to-dark lens tinting (photochromic adaptive lenses)
  • Average 20-25% savings on other lens enhancements.
Contact Lenses
  • $150 In-Network Allowance for contacts and contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation)
  • 15% savings on contact lens exam
EasyOptions Updgrades
Choose from one of the following upgrades as part of your plan coverage
  • Fully covered no-line bifocals (progressive lenses)
  • Fully covered light-to-dark lens tinting (photochromic adaptive lenses)
  • Increased frame allowance to $230
  • Increased contact lens allowance to $230
Annual Coverage
Eye Exam Once every 12 months
Perscription Lenses Once every 12 months
Frame Once every 12 months
Exclusive Member Extras
Glasses and Sunglasses Extra $20 to spend on a featured frame brand, which is on top of your frame allowance. Simply choose a featured frame brand from your VSP doctor and the extra $20 will be automatically applied to your purchase.
20% savings on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.
Retinal Screening No more than a $39 copay on routine retinal screenings as an enhancement to your WellVision Exam.
Laser Vision Correction Average 15% savings on the regular price or 5% savings on the promotional price from contracted facilities.
TruHearing Program Up to $2,600 savings on hearing aids for you and your family. Visit or call 877.396.7194.
Additional Information
Payment Options Accepts both Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) and e-Check. You can select monthly or annual payment option.
One-year Rate Guarantee.
Payment Processing The ACH & CC charges will all be processed on the 27th of the month for the next month’s coverage.
VSP EasyOptions Plan
  Monthly Annual*
Individual $26.25 $315.00
Individual +1 $49.90 $598.80
Family $68.20 $818.40

One Time Non-Refundable Processing Fee:

Monthly: $0.00

Annually: $0.00

HVA** Membership Fee:

Monthly: $1.50

Annually: $18.00

* Discount Already Applied

**HEALTHY VISION ASSOCIATION: This plan is made available only with membership in the Healthy Vision Association. The Healthy Vision Association (HVA) helps its members see well and be healthy. As a member you’ll have access to exclusive discount programs on everyday goods and services, while supporting vision-related charities, too. For more information on the HVA click here.