Ultimate Max 2.0
Plan Highlights and Carrier Information

Starmount Ultimate Max 2.0 Plan Highlights

Starmount Life’s individual dental & vision plans give you exactly the coverage you need to maintain your overall health, whatever your budget or lifestyle.

Our new Ultimate Max 2.0 Plan gives you a $2,000 annual maximum for each person covered by your plan, plus no application fees and no administrative fees.

About the Carrier

Starmount Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of dental and vision insurance coverage for individuals and the workplace, and a member of the Unum Group family of licensed insurers.

Founded in 1983, Starmount has earned a reputation as a trusted carrier with solid benefit solutions and exceptional customer service. Starmount customers can expect dental and vision plans that emphasize prevention and wellness, access to national provider networks to stretch valuable coverage, and innovative tools that extend customer self-service 24/7.

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Carrier Address

Starmount Life Insurance Company
8485 Goodwood Blvd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806-7878