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Security Life Dental Insurance Plans

Founded in 1956, Security Life Insurance Company of America is a leading developer of life and innovative health insurance products and services including dental insurance plans. Security Life has a long and successful history in the individual dental and vision marketplace. With half a century of experience behind them, this strong, secure insurance company is able to provide the quality service consumers expect and deserve.

Facts at a Glance:

  • Founded: 1956
  • Network: over 200,000 dentists

What Security Life Offers

A recognized name in the dental benefits business, Security Life provides an innovative array of ancillary benefit products. For individuals, PrimeStar Personal Dental Plans from Security Life offer:

  • Coverage for individuals 18+
  • No enrollment fees
  • The freedom to choose any dentist
  • Two exams per year
  • 30 Day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Insurance products are licensed for sale in 49 states

All products offered include unique and flexible features that help consumers meet evolving benefit needs.

A Path to Success

Security Life Prides itself on its financial stability – maintaining a conservative, high-quality investment portfolio and strong capital position.  We have a sound history and innovative plans for the future. 

As of June 2, 2011, Security Life as an A.M. Best rating of B++ (Good).  This is the fifth highest of 16 possible ratings by A.M. Best company.  For the latest ratings information, please refer to

If you cannot access this resource, please contact us at (800) 233-0307.

Security Life Insurance Company of America Plans

The Indemnity Plan

If you choose the indemnity plan, you have complete freedom of provider choice. Visit any dentist and present your plan ID card. It is your dentist's responsibility to check the benefits provided by this plan and to inform you of any amounts for which you are responsible. Reimbursements are based on a percentage of Usual and Customary Fees (UCR) charged by dentists in your area.

The PPO/Network Plan

With the PPO plan, you have the option of choosing among over 200,000 dentists nationally who participate in the Careington International network. These dentists must pass Careington's rigorous credentialing process, and they agree to accept the Careington fee schedule as reimbursement in full for services. Under this plan, you also may visit non-Careington providers, but reimbursement will be limited to the Careington fee schedule, with any balance due being the responsibility of the member.

*PPO plans not available in all states.

Security Life Plans

Option 45

Preferred 45

VIP 1000

VIP 1000 NJ

VIP 1250

VIP 1250 NJ

*Not all plans available in all areas.

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