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Primecare Dental Plan prides itself in understanding the importance of a strong trusting relationship between the dentist and patient.

  • Low premiums and substantial savings
  • No pre-existing condition clauses

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Dental Plan

All providers meet the plan’s rigorous quality assurance standards.

  • Plan Type: Dental HMO
  • Low premiums and substantial savings.
  • No waiting periods for any treatment.

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Welcome Plan

All providers meet the plan’s rigorous quality assurance standards.

  • Plan Type: Dental HMO
  • No deductible to meet
  • No pre-existing condition clauses.

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* Not all plans available in all areas.

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*Actual rates depend on individual circumstances. Not all dental plans are available in all states.

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Primecare Dental Insurance

Primecare Dental Plan, Inc. is a Knox-Keene licensed dental plan operating within 42 counties in the State of California. Founded by dental professionals Primecare Dental Plan began marketing its first dental plan in 1983.

Primecare Dental Plan has developed fully licensed and regulated dental plans for our members offering broad benefits with deep savings. These dental benefit programs are available to individuals, employers, seniors, and other consumers throughout California and include savings on more than 300 contracted dental procedures.
Primecare Dental Plan fills the needs of multiple market segments by offering dental benefit programs with lower premiums and higher benefit levels than our competitors within a tightly managed network of more than 3,700 contracted general and specialist dentists.

Our Mission

Primecare Dental Plan’s mission is to have the dentist meet and exceed our member’s expectations. Members, employers, and insurance agents take comfort in knowing that their dental benefits are being serviced by dental benefit professionals specializing in the delivery and administration of dental benefit programs. Our team of dental professionals work side by side with our dentists, employers and members to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered each and every time.

A strong commitment to service, integrity, and sound administrative practices has allowed Primecare Dental Plan to provide an array of dental products that benefit all our members and positions Primecare Dental Plan as a great dental benefits option.

Our Values

Over the ages the dentist-patient relationship has been defined through rules of ethics and law as a relationship founded in trust. When a patient seeks a dentist’s help and the dentist agrees to give that help, a special relationship is created. The dentist agrees to honor that trust, and to become an advocate in all matters related to the patients’ dental treatment.

Primecare Dental Plan understands and honors the importance of the dentist-patient relationship as being vital to the delivery of the high quality dental treatment in the most affordable setting possible. Primecare Dental Plan prides itself in understanding the importance of a strong trusting relationship between the dentist and patient.

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"Representative was fantastic! Very personable, understanding & helpful. I got the best plan for me, quickly and with no hassle whatsoever. I definitely recommend DentalInsurance.com."
Millsboro, DE
"The representative was very helpful, and friendly. He answered all my question..The transaction went without any problems."
Warner Robins, GA
"The agent with whom I spoke was very knowledgable and helped me sort through the many plans available to find one that worked best for me. Best interaction I've had with a customer service rep in a long time. Kudos!"
Washington, DC

More About Primecare Dental

Plan Information

Primecare Dental Plan is 100% voluntary with limited underwriting guidelines and are complemented through an extensive network of dentists and dental professionals. Plan includes coverage for all areas of general and specialty dentistry including:

  • General dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Preventive services Endodontics
  • Diagnostic services
  • Periodontics
  • Basic restorative services
  • Pedodontics
  • Major restorative services
  • Prosthodontics
  • Cosmetics
  • Orthodontics

Members will save on routine care (exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns and more) as well as specialty services like root canal, extractions, surgery and cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. The plan includes specialty features such as Implants, Veneers, Lumineers, Sedation, Cosmetics, Orthodontics and more.

There are no waiting periods, no plan maximums, claim forms or deductibles. We even provide convenient toll-free dentist referrals for all our members. Everyone is eligible. Everyone has access to coverage.

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We offer a wide variety of dental plans, features, and services that cover all dental needs – from simple checkups to root canals and braces

Our goal is to offer the broadest selection of options, the most complete consumer information available online, and the highest quality customer service

Compare dental insurance plans from leading insurance carriers around the country and establish new dental coverage or enhance existing benefits easily and affordably.

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*Actual rates depend on individual circumstances. Not all dental plans are available in all states.

Primecare Dental Plans

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Primecare Dental Plan

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*Not all plans available in all areas.

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