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Nationwide and VSP
Classic 2000 + VSP Premium

  • Dental coverage for preventive, basic and major services, with NO Waiting Periods for preventive services. Freedom to choose any dentist but using Maximum Care Network will give you in-network benefits.
  • With a VSP Individual Vision Plan, you’ll enjoy low out-of-pocket costs, savings on progressives and more. Plan includes coverage for an eye exam, frame, and lenses every 12 months. When you see a VSP network doctor, you’ll get the most out of your benefit. Choose from 36,000 doctors and convenient locations nationwide.
  • In addition, VSP members get access to exclusive savings on hearing aids through TruHearing®, saving them up to 60% on the latest name-brand hearing aids, along with savings on batteries and more.*
  • Guaranteed acceptance.
  • One simple bill for all services
Common procedures:
White Filling:80%
Root Canals:50%
Simple Extractions:80%
Plan Maximum:$2000 per calendar year, per insured person
Waiting Periods:Preventive-None, Basic-6 months, Major-18 months
Deductible:$50 per person / $150 per Family for Preventive, Basic and Major Services

VSP Premium Vision Coverage (In Network):
Eye Exams: $10 copay
Rx Glasses: $20 copay
Frames: $200 Allowance
Contacts (instead of glasses): $200 Allowance

Vision Plan Brochure
Vision Provider Search

VSP Members Get Access to Exclusive Savings Through TruHearing
Save up to 60% on the latest name-brand hearing aids.

Hearing Plan Brochure

Fee Schedule: N/A  |  Dentist Search
Routine periodic examinations – twice in a calendar year
80% after deductible
Preventive – No waiting period
Cleanings: twice in a calendar year
80% after deductible
Preventive – No waiting period
Radiography: Full mouth X-rays
80% after deductible
Basic – 6 months waiting period
Fillings: Restorative Amalgam Fillings
Resin-based composite (white fillings) anterior only
80% after deductible
Basic – 6 months waiting period
Simple Extractions: 80% after deductible
Basic – 6 months waiting period
50% after deductible
Major – 18 months waiting period
Root Canals:
Endodontics: Pulpal therapy and root canals
50% after deductible
Major – 18 months waiting period
50% after deductible
Major – 18 months waiting period
Deep Cleanings:
Treatment of diseases of the gums
50% after deductible
Major – 18 months waiting period
Not Covered Service
Not Covered Service
Teeth Whitening:
Not Covered Service
Additional Network Information:

The Classic 2000 Plan allows you to obtain services from any licensed dentist of your choice. This plan is free of networks, so you have the power to keep your current dentist or choose a new one.

Exclusions and Limitations
Privacy Policy
Plan Brochure


Can I change my dental/vision provider once I am in the plan?

Yes, you may change your dental/vision provider at any time.

What is a pre-existing condition versus work-in-progress? Is it covered?

A pre-existing condition is an oral health condition, which existed before your enrollment in a dental program.

Work in progress is any oral health procedure that is started and not completed prior to your enrollment in a dental program.

See your plan documentation for pre-existing conditions exclusions. The plan does not cover any expenses for dental work started prior to the date you are covered under the Policy.

What provider options do I have?

Dental: This is an Indemnity plan, which allows you complete freedom of dentist choice.

Vision: Find a VSP network doctor who’s right for you from our network of 36,000 providers. If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, you’ll receive less coverage.

When can I start using my Plan?

You can start using your plan once it goes into effect - usually the 1st of the month following your enrollment (as long as the enrollment and payment is received within the enrollment deadline). Incomplete enrollment forms or failure to submit the required initial premium amount may cause an initial delay in issuance of insurance. Do not cancel any other insurance or assume you are insured under the Plan until you receive your certificate of insurance.

When will I receive my new member kit and what will it include?

Your enrollment package will be delivered via email within 24 hours of processing enrollment. You will get your login credentials to access your enrollment packet. Packet includes plan policy, HIPAA and privacy notice, and benefit summary document for vision. Schedule of benefits, Guaranty notice, Amendment notice, privacy notice, NSBA Letter, HIPAA and Privacy notice for dental. One ID card for both dental and vision plans.

Who can enroll in this plan?

Individuals who are 18 years of age, and their eligible dependents (spouse; and unmarried children from birth to age 26). Must reside in state the product is approved.

As long as you meet the plan’s general eligibility requirements and pay the applicable premium, your acceptance is automatic.

Disclaimers and Disclosures:

Nationwide and VSP: VSP is providing information to its members but does not offer or provide any discount hearing program. The relationship between VSP and TruHearing is that of independent contractors. VSP makes no endorsement, representations or warranties regarding any products or services offered by TruHearing, a third-party vendor. The vendor is solely responsible for the products or services offered by them. If you have any questions regarding the services offered here, you should contact the vendor directly. TruHearing offers individuals the opportunity to purchase hearing aids at discounted prices, including individuals covered by self-funded health plans not subject to state insurance or health plan regulations. TruHearing is not insurance and not subject to state insurance regulations. TruHearing provides discounts to certain health care groups for hearing aid sales and services; TruHearing provides fitting, programming and three adjustment visits at no cost; the member is obligated to pay for testing, and all post-fitting hearing care services, but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with TruHearing. Not available directly from VSP in the states of Washington and California.

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