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Jefferson County

At you can search to find a local dentist office for the care and treatment of children, teens, adults and seniors in Jefferson County, KY.

Most dentists listed in our directory offer a free dental exam for new patients. Not all Jefferson County dentists offer the same services or accept the same dental insurance or discount dental plans, so be sure to contact their dental office to inquire about your specific dentistry needs.

Click on your City name below to see a list of dentists by specialty such as pediatric dentists, cosmetic dentists, orthodontist, oral surgeons and other specialtists listed by Cities near you to get the best dental care in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Anchorage  (0)
Dentists in Anchorage, KY
Bancroft  (0)
Dentists in Bancroft, KY
Bellemeade  (0)
Dentists in Bellemeade, KY
Blue Ridge Manor Dentists in Blue Ridge Manor, KY
Broeck Pointe Dentists in Broeck Pointe, KY
Brownsboro Village Dentists in Brownsboro Village, KY
Cambridge  (0)
Dentists in Cambridge, KY
Creekside  (0)
Dentists in Creekside, KY
Douglass Hills Dentists in Douglass Hills, KY
Eastwood  (0)
Dentists in Eastwood, KY
Fern Creek
Fern Creek  (0)
Dentists in Fern Creek, KY
Fisherville  (1)
Dentists in Fisherville, KY
Glenview Hills Dentists in Glenview Hills, KY
Goose Creek
Goose Creek  (0)
Dentists in Goose Creek, KY
Green Spring
Green Spring  (0)
Dentists in Green Spring, KY
Harrods Creek Dentists in Harrods Creek, KY
Hickory Hill
Hickory Hill  (0)
Dentists in Hickory Hill, KY
Hills And Dales Dentists in Hills And Dales, KY
Hollow Creek
Hollow Creek  (0)
Dentists in Hollow Creek, KY
Houston Acres Dentists in Houston Acres, KY
Hurstbourne Acres Dentists in Hurstbourne Acres, KY
Jeffersontown Dentists in Jeffersontown, KY
Kosmosdale  (0)
Dentists in Kosmosdale, KY
Lincolnshire  (0)
Dentists in Lincolnshire, KY
Lyndon  (0)
Dentists in Lyndon, KY
Manor Creek
Manor Creek  (0)
Dentists in Manor Creek, KY
Masonic Home
Masonic Home  (0)
Dentists in Masonic Home, KY
Meadowbrook Farm Dentists in Meadowbrook Farm, KY
Middletown  (0)
Dentists in Middletown, KY
Moorland  (0)
Dentists in Moorland, KY
Norbourne Estates Dentists in Norbourne Estates, KY
Norwood  (0)
Dentists in Norwood, KY
Old Brownsboro Place Dentists in Old Brownsboro Place, KY
Parkway Village Dentists in Parkway Village, KY
Pleasure Ridge Park Dentists in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY
Prospect  (18)
Dentists in Prospect, KY
River Bluff
River Bluff  (0)
Dentists in River Bluff, KY
Rolling Field Dentists in Rolling Field, KY
Rolling Hills Dentists in Rolling Hills, KY
Saint Matthews Dentists in Saint Matthews, KY
Seneca Gardens Dentists in Seneca Gardens, KY
South Park View Dentists in South Park View, KY
Spring Valley Dentists in Spring Valley, KY
Strathmoor Village Dentists in Strathmoor Village, KY
Ten Broeck
Ten Broeck  (0)
Dentists in Ten Broeck, KY
Valley Station Dentists in Valley Station, KY
West Buechel
West Buechel  (0)
Dentists in West Buechel, KY
Wilsonville  (0)
Dentists in Wilsonville, KY
Woodland Hills Dentists in Woodland Hills, KY
Worthington Hills Dentists in Worthington Hills, KY
Audubon Park
Audubon Park  (0)
Dentists in Audubon Park, KY
Barbourmeade  (0)
Dentists in Barbourmeade, KY
Bellewood  (0)
Dentists in Bellewood, KY
Briarwood  (0)
Dentists in Briarwood, KY
Brownsboro Farm Dentists in Brownsboro Farm, KY
Buechel  (0)
Dentists in Buechel, KY
Coldstream  (0)
Dentists in Coldstream, KY
Crossgate  (0)
Dentists in Crossgate, KY
Druid Hills
Druid Hills  (0)
Dentists in Druid Hills, KY
Fairdale  (1)
Dentists in Fairdale, KY
Fincastle  (0)
Dentists in Fincastle, KY
Glenview  (0)
Dentists in Glenview, KY
Glenview Manor Dentists in Glenview Manor, KY
Graymoor-devondale Dentists in Graymoor-devondale, KY
Grymr-Devndle Dentists in Grymr-Devndle, KY
Heritage Creek Dentists in Heritage Creek, KY
Highview  (0)
Dentists in Highview, KY
Hills Dales
Hills Dales  (0)
Dentists in Hills Dales, KY
Hollyvilla  (0)
Dentists in Hollyvilla, KY
Hurstbourne  (0)
Dentists in Hurstbourne, KY
Indian Hills
Indian Hills  (0)
Dentists in Indian Hills, KY
Kingsley  (0)
Dentists in Kingsley, KY
Langdon Place Dentists in Langdon Place, KY
Louisville  (717)
Dentists in Louisville, KY
Lynnview  (0)
Dentists in Lynnview, KY
Maryhill Estates Dentists in Maryhill Estates, KY
Meadow Vale
Meadow Vale  (0)
Dentists in Meadow Vale, KY
Meadowview Estates Dentists in Meadowview Estates, KY
Mockingbird Valley Dentists in Mockingbird Valley, KY
Murray Hill
Murray Hill  (0)
Dentists in Murray Hill, KY
Northfield  (0)
Dentists in Northfield, KY
Okolona  (0)
Dentists in Okolona, KY
Old Brownsbro Dentists in Old Brownsbro, KY
Plantation  (0)
Dentists in Plantation, KY
Poplar Hills
Poplar Hills  (0)
Dentists in Poplar Hills, KY
Richlawn  (0)
Dentists in Richlawn, KY
Riverwood  (0)
Dentists in Riverwood, KY
Rolling Fields Dentists in Rolling Fields, KY
Rr Donnelly
Rr Donnelly  (0)
Dentists in Rr Donnelly, KY
Saint Regis Park Dentists in Saint Regis Park, KY
Shively  (0)
Dentists in Shively, KY
Spring Mill
Spring Mill  (0)
Dentists in Spring Mill, KY
Strathmoor Manor Dentists in Strathmoor Manor, KY
Sycamore  (0)
Dentists in Sycamore, KY
Thornhill  (0)
Dentists in Thornhill, KY
Watterson Park Dentists in Watterson Park, KY
Wildwood  (0)
Dentists in Wildwood, KY
Windy Hills
Windy Hills  (0)
Dentists in Windy Hills, KY
Woodlawn Park Dentists in Woodlawn Park, KY

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Aspen Dental - Dentists in Louisville KY 40258

6810 Dixie Hwy
Louisville, Kentucky 40258

Dentists in Louisville KY 40258

Kool Smiles - Dentists in Louisville KY, 40218

3510 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

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Kool Smiles - Dentists in Louisville KY, 40203

1211 W Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky 40203

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Aspen Dental - Dentists in Louisville KY 40219

4919 Outerloop
Louisville, Kentucky 40219

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Dr. Mary Ewald - Dentist in Fairdale KY 40118

508 Fairdale Rd
Fairdale, Kentucky 40118

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Dr. Jocelyn Phipps - Dentist in Fisherville KY 40023

6287 Taylorsville Rd
Fisherville, Kentucky 40023

Dentists in Fisherville KY 40023

Dr. Richard Neal Jr - Dentist in Jeffersontown KY 40299

10004 Taylorsville Rd
Jeffersontown, Kentucky 40299

Dentists in Jeffersontown KY 40299

Dr. Don Bowman - Dentist in Jeffersontown KY 40299

10004 Taylorsville Rd
Jeffersontown, Kentucky 40299

Dentists in Jeffersontown KY 40299

Dr. Jenna Schulten - Pediatric Dentist in Louisville KY 40207

1001 Dupont Sq N
Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Pediatric Dentists in Louisville KY 40207

Dr. Lisa Foster - Dentist in Louisville KY 40272

10017 Dixie Hwy
Louisville, Kentucky 40272

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