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Term Life Insurance

If you have family members, a spouse or significant other that depend on your income, then you should consider purchasing life insurance. Life insurance provides essential financial protection for those who matter to you most. The proceeds or death benefit from a life insurance policy can

» replace the income lost to your family
» pay off debts and expenses
» fund a favorite charity
» cover final and estate expenses
» provide needed cash to business partners

Life insurance policies receive favorable tax treatment. The proceeds payable at your death generally will be income tax-free to your beneficiaries.

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HealthInsurance.com makes buying health insurance easy. You can learn all about health insurance, get free online health insurance quotes, compare health plan prices and benefits side-by-side, choose from a large selection of affordable health insurance plans from leading health insurance companies, and apply for health insurance online. Many plans can be purchased with supplemental dental insurance. We have created a place where individuals, families, small groups, and students can choose the health insurance plan that is right for them.

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kelsey national Corporation

Kelsey National Corporation (KNC) is an experienced marketer and administrator of fully insured group and HMO benefit plans, developed especially for Small Businesses and Trade Association Members across the United States. KNC offers a competitive line of group medical, dental insurance, and life and disability income products. Additionally, KNC offers a portfolio of quality insurance products and HMOs to individual customers.

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International Travel and Medical

These products address the medical insurance needs of those who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside their home country. Several of these plans include dental benefits, and some include complete dental plans as part of a portfolio insurance package.

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Short Term Medical

Perfect if you are:

» In need of immediate coverage
» Between Jobs
» A Recent College Graduate
» Waiting for Employer Group Coverage
» On strike or Laid off
» Looking for an alternative to COBRA

Short-Term Medical plans provide individual and family coverage from 30 days up to six months. These plans are major medical plans designed to protect you and your family in the event of an illness or injury, and are typically less expensive than traditional individual medical plans.

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HomeOwners Insurance

No matter what type of place you live in, or whether you rent or own, your home is a central part of your life. If you own a house, condominium or co-op, it is probably your most valuable asset. If you rent, you probably still have a lot to lose in furnishings, clothes, electronic equipment and all the valuable items you've accumulated

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Auto Insurance

If you drive a car, you have to have auto insurance. It's that simple. Why? Because, most states require at least liability coverage. But, beyond state legal requirements, when you look at the facts and figures of automobile accidents, you'll realize that auto insurance is one of your most valuable and important expenditures.

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