Plan Highlights and Carrier Information

SmartSmile Highlights

  • Low copayments
  • Access to network of quality assured dentists
  • Fully disclosed coverages and copayments
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • No deductibles, claim forms, waiting periods or maximums
  • Orthodontic coverage

About the Carrier

Dental Health Services

Dental Health Services is here to help you. A leader in the provision of dental care and benefits to individuals, families, trade unions, employers and associations, we pride ourselves in delivering quality dental care at an affordable price. Plan members, groups, brokers and dentists receive outstanding, personal service. We give you “A Great Reason to Smile.”

Dental Health Services was founded by Godfrey Pernell, D.D.S. in 1974. As one of the first companies specializing in providing prepaid dental plans, Dental Health Services instantly set industry standards in service and care. These core values continue to shape our commitment to our employee-owners and clients today.

The first groundwork was laid for Dental Health Services decades before our 1974 establishment. In the 1950’s, labor unions surrounding Dr. Pernell’s dental practice began demanding better health and dental care for their workers. Dr. Pernell and 17 colleagues answered the unions’ call with a prepaid dental benefit plan that has been serving more people for less money ever since.

That concept – prepaid dentistry – represented a new, effective way to deliver quality and affordable dental care. Dr. Pernell had 1,500 appointments scheduled before his doors opened September 15, 1954. Because of his unique experience, having established the first prepaid dental plan, Dental Health Services emerged and has continued to succeed with a pioneering spirit forging new paths in dental benefit solutions.

Dental Health Services has continued to succeed with a pioneering spirit forging new paths in dental care. The original vision of providing quality and affordable care remains focused today through progressive plan design, conscientious service and a strict Quality Assurance program.

Dental Health Services’ members save money and enjoy increased access to care. Savings begin with preventive treatment at no or minimal cost. As care is rendered, the savings continue and access to care increases because the plans have no deductibles, no maximums and no pre-existing condition exclusions.

Each member is supported by a company that promotes health, not just treatment. Dental Health Services publishes newsletters, performs surveys and responds to member calls with the understanding that health maintenance requires effective communication and education.

Members can trust care provided by Dental Health Services’ dentists. Each dentist meets top standards in care and earns incentives for promoting continued oral health. Quality Assurance at Dental Health Services means a continuous collaboration designed to find new ways to better serve the member.

Dental Health Services will determine the future with attention to member needs, sensitivity to market changes, and innovations in dental care. You can depend on Dental Health Services’ commitment to continue its tradition of excellence while finding new ways to better serve you.

Carrier Privacy Policy

Dental Health Services is devoted to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your dental, medical, and personal health information that we may obtain or to which we have access. We do not sell our client information. Your personal information will not be disclosed to nonaffiliated third parties, unless permitted or required by law or authorized in writing by you.

Dental Health Services’ employees and the employees of its affiliated companies are trained to respect and protect the nonpublic personal information that we collect. Employees that violate our policy are subject to discipline. When we share nonpublic information within the Dental Health Services’ family of affiliated companies, each entity is held to the same high standards that are listed in this notice. We want you to know what information we collect and how we use or disclose it. Dental Health Services requires all non-affiliated third parties to adhere to our privacy standards.

Dental Health Services collects only relevant information and uses it or discloses it only for legally permitted business purposes. We permit access to that information only to persons necessary to provide products and services to you.

Enrollees may request copies of this notice, or submit questions or complaints about Dental Health Services’ information practices by calling their Member Services Representative.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policies and insurance information practices. If we make any changes to our policies or practices, we will provide you with a copy of a revised notice as required by applicable law.

Carrier Address

Dental Health Services
3833 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807-3505