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Dental Health Services Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Health Services is here to help you. A leader in the provision of dental care and benefits to individuals, families, trade unions, employers and associations, we pride ourselves in delivering quality dental care at an affordable price. Plan members, groups, brokers and dentists receive outstanding, personal service. We give you “A Great Reason to Smile.”

A long history of quality, affordable dental care

Dental Health Services, an employee-owned dental benefits company, is recognized for its commitment to overall health and quality service. An alternative to traditional (indemnity) insurance, Dental Health Services has been offering dental plans to groups and individuals throughout California for 35 years and Washington State for 25 years. With the addition of a network of dentists in the state of Oregon, Dental Health Services will continue to foster its mission of bringing quality, affordable dental care to those who need it.

Founded by Godfrey Pernell, DDS in 1974, Dental Health Services was one of the first companies to specialize in the provision of prepaid dental plans, setting industry standards in service and care. The concept—prepaid dentistry— represented a new, effective way to deliver quality and affordable dental care. Dr. Pernell had 1,500 appointments scheduled before his doors opened. “We really had a tiger by the tail,” says Dr. Pernell of those early years.

Our Values

These values continue to shape the loyalty to members and clients today. The prepaid dentistry concept represents an effective way to deliver quality dental care affordably, and serves more people for less money everyday.

Dental Health Services is a leader in the provision of dental care and benefits to individuals, families, labor unions, employers, and associations. This independently-owned company continues to succeed with a pioneering spirit, forging new paths in dental care through conscientious service, progressive plan design, and a rigorous 107-point Quality Assurance program that sets high standards in care and emphasizes oral health and wellness. Dental Health Services is one of the few dental plans in the country with a dentist as its chairman. Dental Health Services will maintain its dedication to excellence with attention to member needs, sensitivity to market changes, and innovations in dental care. During these difficult economic times, Dental Health Services works hard to advocate for its members, ensuring they receive the quality services they need at the price they can afford. The commitment to finding new ways to better serve its members will continue to set Dental Health Services apart in the health industry.

Dental Health Services Plans...

Save time and money. You'll save up to 100% on more than 200 general dental procedures. All of the Dental Health Services plans have no deductibles and require no pre-authorizations for services performed by your participating general dentist.

Some of the many advantages of the plans include:

SmartSmile Plan
  • Low copayments
  • Access to network of quality assured dentists
  • Fully disclosed coverage and copayments
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • No deductibles, claim forms, waiting periods or maximums
  • Medically and non-medically necessary orthodontia
  • Certified to satisfy the Essential Pediatric Dental Benefit
SmartSmile, Super SmartSmile, SmartSmile Plus Plan

A broad range of general dental procedures are covered, from exams, to x-rays, cleanings, sealants, amalgam & composite restorations, crowns, bridges, dentures, and extractions. The pediatric plan provides specialty coverage (requires pre-authorization), at the same copayment listed as performed by a general dentist.

  • SmartSmile- $1000 allowed out of pocket maximum with low pediatric and adult benefit
  • Super SmartSmile- $1000 allowed out of pocket maximum with low pediatric benefit and high adult benefit
  • SmartSmile Plus- $1000 allowed out of pocket maximum with high pediatric and adult benefit

*Not all plans available in all areas.

Dental Health Services Plans

SmartSmile CA

SmartSmile WA

SuperSmartSmile CA

SuperSmartSmile WA

*Not all plans available in all areas.