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    Read about the use of orthodontic devices and systems to adjust or move teeth or underlying bone.

      Adult Braces

      Approximately one million adults in North America today wear braces, and twenty percent of those seeking treatment from orthodontists are adults...


      Braces are placed on the teeth by specialists called orthodontists, who are required to have two to three years of training in the field of orthodontia after completing dental school...

      Invisalign: The Invisible Treatment

      Consumers today have multiple options to choose from when selecting orthodontic braces. In addition to metal braces, a relatively new orthodontic product called Invisalign can be used to align and straighten teeth. Orthodontic patients should consider all of their options before choosing an orthodontic treatment to correct their smile. Learn more about the Invisalign treatment process and see if it is right for you.

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