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Dental Insurance Deductibles Defined

A dental insurance deductible is the amount of money a dental patient must pay for dental treatment before her dental insurance begins covering costs.  A dental plan with a $100 deductible, for example, will require the patient to pay for the first $100 in dental expenses in a given year, above which the dental insurance provider will pay a share of the expenses.  Deductibles may be charged either annually or on a one-time basis, and the exact amount of a given deductible will depend upon the specific dental plan in question.  Deductibles are not a feature of every dental insurance plan.


Some dental plans feature a “family deductible,” which is a deductible towards which the dental expenses of all covered family members count.  Thus, if a family is covered under a dental plan with a $100 family deductible, the deductible will be met once the expenses of the whole family pass the $100 mark, rather than each individual family member having to reach the $100 mark before the dental insurance begins to cover expenses.


Dental patients shopping for dental insurance should inform themselves regarding the details of any deductibles featured in the dental plans they are reviewing.  The first and most obvious such detail is the cost of the deductible.  This should be added to the dental plan’s premium when tallying the costs of the dental insurance under consideration.  However, looking only at the dental insurance deductible figure can be misleading.  Those seeking to purchase a dental plan must also determine the percentage the dental insurance provider is committed to paying for given dental procedures after the deductible has been met.  If these and related provisions appear satisfactory to the patient, the dental plan in question may be a sensible dental insurance option.

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