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About Nationwide Dental Insurance

Nationwide Multiflex Dental is a comprehensive dental insurance plan created to offer you and your qualified family members the protection and flexibility you need to maintain your winning smile.

When you enroll with Multiflex, you receive coverage for basic, preventative, and major dental services. Since acceptance is guaranteed, your coverage begins the first day of the month after your application, first month’s premium and fees are received. Your spouse and dependent children are also eligible for coverage. After you review the list of benefits offered to you and your family, please complete an enrollment form today.

Just as soon as you receive your Certificate of Coverage, you may begin enjoying the available benefits of the dental insurance plan. Important information – upon receipt of your completed application you will receive a copy of your Certificate of Coverage and identification card(s). Do not cancel any other dental coverage you may have until you receive written confirmation from Merchants Benefit Administration, Inc.


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Nationwide Dental Plans

Nationwide offers plans to suit most customers’ wants and needs. They offer both PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and Indemnity plans and have an extensive network of participating dentists

Nationwide Classic 1500

The Classic 1500 plan is an Indemnity plan that gives you the freedom to see any dentist of your choice. The plan will cover 100% of preventative services (up to the allowable amount) as of the effective date, and offers other great features such as low individual and family deductibles, and high plan maximums.

Nationwide Classic 2000

This Indemnity plan has a high plan maximum of $2,000 per person per calendar year. This is higher than most plans that cap the yearly benefits at $1,000 per person.

Nationwide Classic Select 2000

With this PPO plan you have the freedom to choose any dentist, but utilizing the Dentemax network will give you in-network benefits. By using an in-network dentist you are subject to pre-negotiated prices that are usually lower than what an out-of-network dentist would charge.

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