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About HumanaOne Texas Dental Plan

If you don't want an insurance plan but are looking to save on many dental services, a discount dental plan may be the way to go. Here's what you should know about the dental discount plan offerd by Texas Dental Plans, Inc. (TDP) a Humana company..

Once you enroll, you can visit any dentist in the TDP Texas network of more than 800 dentists screened and credentialed by TDP. Even though you have the option of paying monthly or yearly, this is a one year plan.

Features of this discount plan include:

  • Discounts on many dental services
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No waiting periods, so you can make an appointment right away
  • No claim forms

Keep in mind that this affordable discount dental care plan is available for individuals and families. Plus, there is no underwriting, which means you will not be disqualified for pre-existing conditions.

Cost Scenario

How much will you save with this plan? Take a look at what some common procedures can cost:

Common Procedure Costs
Total Cost $211
  Average Cost2
Routine Exam $38
Cleaning $73
X-Rays $100

With this plan, here are your discounted costs for the same services3:

Discounted Costs
Total Cost $74
Routine Exam $15
Cleaning $29
X-Rays $30

2These average nationwide fees are based upon MillimanUSA data

3Does not include cost of premium

Examples are for illustration only. Actual savings may vary.


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What is Discount Dental?

A discount dental plan is NOT dental insurance, but will help you save money on dental services. Unlike a dental insurance policy, you will not have set co-payments or coinsurance amounts under this type of plan. The payments that you make to purchase a discount dental plan are considered a membership fee and as a member of the discount dental plan you are able to receive dental services from a specific list of dentists at a discounted rate.

Under a discount dental plan, the Member is responsible for payment of services and payment is made directly to the participating dentist at the time services are received. Dentists who participate in the plan agree to provide services at a discounted rate. They agree to these rates in exchange for the referrals that come to them from the discount dental plan company.

Members of a discount dental plan are only entitled to discounts if they use a participating dentist. The list of participating dentists is typically more extensive than the list of participating dentists under an HMO and comparable to a list of dentists under a PPO.

Discount dental plans may offer savings that may not be available under typical dental insurance. These may include no annual limit, no exclusions and lower monthly payments. Membership in a discount dental plan is usually made through an annual payment, but some plans accept monthly payment arrangements.

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