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About Aetna Dental Plans

Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to dental insurance?

True Advantage Dental Discount Plan is a discount program that gives you and the ones you care about most the following:

  • Access to the Aetna Dental Access® Network, one of the largest, most recognized discount dental networks in the nation
  • Average savings of 15% to 50% on everything from general dentistry and cleanings to root canals, crowns and orthodontia
  • Savings on specialty care such as orthodontics and periodontics where available
  • Credentialed dentists who participate in a quality management program
  • Over 81,000 dental practice locations nationwide
  • Savings on routine services such as x-rays and fillings
  • Everyone accepted - no health restrictions
  • Very simple to use
  • No paperwork – you simply pay the discounted amount at the time of visit
  • Use of the card as many times as needed
  • No required referral to see a specialist
Savings Examples**

*The select regional average fee represents the average fees for the procedures listed above in Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City.

*Participants must pay health care providers directly. This is NOT insurance Actual Discounts will vary based on the geographic location of the dental provider and the services provided.

Product/Service Select Regional Average Cost* Average Cost with Aetna Dental Access Total Estimated Savings
Adult Cleaning $88 $53 $35
Child Cleaning $63 $37 $26
Routine Checkup $43 $28 $15
Four Bitewing X-rays $55 $32 $23
Composite (White) Filling $144 $78 $66
Crown (porcelain fused to noble metal) $889 $597 $292
Complete Upper Denture $1,037 $777 $260
Molar Root Canal $900 $638 $262
Extraction (single tooth) $136 $70 $66

Careington provides access to Aetna Dental Access® Network. This network is administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company (ALIC). Neither ALIC nor any of its affiliates offers or administers the Careington membership. Neither ALIC nor any of its affiliates is an affiliate, agent, representative, or employee of Careington International Corporation. Dental providers are independent contractors and not employees or agents of ALIC or its affiliates. ALIC does not provide dental care or treatment and is not responsible for outcomes.

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What is a Discount Dental Program?

A discount dental plan is not considered dental insurance, but it is a common type of dental plan. Unlike a dental insurance policy, you will not have set co-payments or coinsurance amounts under this type of plan. The payments that you make for a discount dental plan are considered a membership fee. As a member of a discount dental plan, you are able to receive dental services from a specific list of dentists at a discounted rate.

Under a discount dental plan, payments for rendered services are made directly to the dentist. The dentists who participate in the plan agree to provide services at a discounted rate. They agree to these rates in exchange for the referrals that come to them from the discount dental plan company.

Members of a discount dental plan are only entitled to discounts if they use a participating dentist. The list of participating dentists is typically more extensive than the list of participating dentists under an HMO and comparable to a list of dentists under a PPO.

Discount dental plans may offer savings that are not available under typical dental insurance. These may include no annual limit, no exclusions and lower monthly payments. Membership in a discount dental plan is usually made through an annual payment, but some plans accept monthly payment arrangements.

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